Sunday, September 9, 2007

5. Dessert Woe

I realized today that I have made dessert maybe twice in my entire life. I've baked cakes, cookies, made pudding...easy things. But dessert is like this strange sort of beast I hadn't really considered before.

At noon I was informed that I should be responsible for bringing a dessert to dinner at a friend's, and they'd like us to come up with a side dish if possible too. Oh, and we're supposed to be there at 4. I thought cobbler would be a fancy sort of food that wouldn't be too difficult, and I found this easy beginner's version of a blackberry cobbler on I was thinking blackberries were in season right now, and should be easy to come by. Yeah...they aren't.

We tried Safeway, Trader Joe's, and finally Albertson's before finding blackberries for sale fresh. $3 a carton didn't seem like a bad price, until we realized we needed $18 worth of berries for this recipe. Instead, we grabbed a bag of frozen blackberries in the pie filling section and thawed them (still inside their bag submerged in a bowl of water) as best we could before hand.

By the time I went to assemble the cobbler, the berries were still mostly frozen, and really wet. I drained them twice before mixing in the other ingredients, but it still seems soupy. And just as I finished placing the top crust onto the berries, and pressing down the edges, I realized I forgot to drop the little cubes of butter down in the berries.

This thing is going to be awful.

September 10, 2007, 5:20am:

I am delighted to say that the cobbler was not awful. On the contrary, it was effing delicious. Effing. With a big capital EFF. Everyone liked it, it didn't fall apart at all, and it was still steaming hot when we served it. I couldn't be more thrilled.

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Françoise said...

Hoorah for delicious desserts! And hoorah for being able to leave comments. :)