Thursday, September 27, 2007

8. Now Hiring

now hiring:
thoughts, ramblings, general malaise...rubber chickens.
inquire within, apply today.
while you're here, perhaps you could use a new (only very lightly used) set of golf clubs?
also for sale:
old pots, corn cob pipes, photographs, knick knacks,
typewriter keys currently missing their typewriters -
solid metal, black, circa 1924;
now seeking a quiet home to while away their twilight years.
feel free to leave your application on the counter once you've finished.
the management has stepped out and won't be back anytime soon.
positions are filled bi-weekly and on half-moon tuesdays.
no no no. no phone calls.
prospective employees may expect
to receive notification via postcard post-haste-post-breakfasting hours.

don't hold your breath.
it only makes you look desperate, and no one wants to see that, now do they?
no, i thought not.

1 comment:

Françoise said...

I do so love your "advertisement." Rather Lewis Carroll-ish.