Saturday, January 26, 2008

24. Nite In

Last night I holed up in my house, all alone.
It was wonderful. And much needed for my sanity.
I drank some wine, played Mario Galaxy, started reading Jack Kerouac's "On the Road", did a full set of yoga for the first time in about a month, and gave myself not one, but 2 face masks. The first was pumpkin, which I don't believe really does anything except soften your skin, and the second was a blue muddy one that actually cleans your skin.
And after I was finally, officially, completely unwound, I watched some Project Runway and had a cup of green tea.

My back is a little sore from yoga, but I feel so much better today. It's like I've detoxed mentally.

I also got a completely ridiculous new pair of shoes yesterday, with the Payless gift card Soren got me for Christmas:

The gift card was actually intended for tap shoes, but it turns out the girl who sold Soren the gift card was an idiot and didn't realize he wanted adult tap shoes. Which Payless does not sell. So instead I was trying to find something fun that I could wear nowish, or with this new rad dress I found at Goodwill.
But no.
Nothing fit the bill (or me). So frivolous summer shoes it is. :)


meg's thoughts return said...

Oooh those are fun, I like. That day sounds wonderful. I want one.

Janieac said...

They are delicious! Vrrry nice.