Friday, February 15, 2008

27. Smelly Cats was a Friends reference. And I never really even liked the show. It's true though. They stink. The little furballs have been stinking up my entryway for too long now.

I've decided to attempt toilet training my cats. I'm not sure how possible it is, but our food store sells the toilet insert for $18, which is the same price as like, a bag and a half of cat litter. If it works, I'll be saving $12 a month, and never have to scoop a disgusting, horrible, toxic waste receptacle of a litter box ever again.

I'm a little worried that they're too old to learn, but I have faith in my cats. They're silly beasties, but definitely smart. I also worry that Salem is too stiff in the hips to manage to hit the toilet. He's always losing his balance and falling in or off of things. The cat box is pretty gross to smell right when you walk in the front door, but I think having to clean kitty wee on the seat may actually be worse. I guess I'm just going to have to try it and hope for the best.
February 16, Saturday.

How to Toilet Train Your Cat

This method seems to be the most logical and reasonable approach...there's just one major problem. I can't be present when my cats do their business. Like most people, they prefer a little privacy while they make with the toilet time. And while I may be able to arrange Salem's paws appropriately so he isn't standing in the toilet rather than on the seat, the chances of doing that with Fuu are slim to none. I can't even walk into the bathroom while she's eating. The instant she sees someone coming she darts out the door and won't come back until she's certain you're gone. Not to mention the fact that I'm only at home and awake about 6 hours out of my day, and this method requires the human to supervise at all times to make sure everything goes smoothly.

I'm all for a difficult challenge, but I also know the difference between a challenge and a futile attempt at the impossible. This isn't going to work.

Maybe I should just invest in an automatic cat box. I'm just not sure that scooping the litter box is bad enough to justify a $100 investment on top of the price of litter. *Disappoint-mints*


meg's thoughts return said...

Dude, I feel ya. We put Inga's box under the sink in our bedroom. She has the nastiest poo smell which seems to linger in our bedroom for about 20 minutes after she does her business. We buy the all natural stuff because most cat liter is chock full of terrible stuff that gets into ground water. Point is the natural stuff does not have all of those anti smell chemicals which sometimes would be oh so nice. Instead we bought a smell destroyer spray specialized for cats ($13 at MudBay). Pricey, but works pretty well if we're around to spray it after she poos.

On another note, I know that Steve's sister Shirlae was able to toilet train her cat for a while, but eventually gave up and bought a box (cat kept missing, cat pee is a bitch that lingers for ages).

I guess I'd recommend the smell spray as a quick fix though?

Dexter Obvious said...

Eek...nasty. We bought the natural stuff for a bit, but found that the sweet sweet smell of corn was far too sickening to live with. I'm trying to be as green as possible, but I need cat litter that works. It's too bad sand doesn't clump...