Monday, April 28, 2008

36. Random Things

Vacation was a fabulous escape, and one that was much needed. The instant I left town I immediately disconnected from my job and even Seattle as a whole. I'm not sure the last part was a good thing, as things took some getting used to again when I returned. I spent just over a week fantasizing over where I'd move if I didn't live here. Dangerous thinking, I tell you. It's cheaper in St. Louis, by far. I have to remind myself why I left in the first place, after spending 10 days soaking in the people I've missed the most and finding new reasons to love the places I'd grown sick of. Mostly, I've got some sort of gypsy blood in me. Maybe not so bad as my brother, but every few years I get a bad case of wanderlust and want to run for no specific reason. I bore easily I think.

I've been trying to compartmentalize all the aspects of my life lately, to try and identify those portions which have been making me less than happy. I have determined that I am rather tired of my job. But I have no where else to go, and it isn't really that bad...I'm just feeling a need for a change, and I can't seem to shake it off. I applied at a vet's office this week, which I had promised myself I wouldn't do. I have so many pets at home, it seems excessive to spend an 8 hour work day surrounded in the company of even more animals. But it was too nice a situation to pass up, and so I thought I'd give it a try.
They haven't called.

In other news, I start beginning Japanese classes this week. Matt, Soren and Matt Z. are taking them with me, so it should be a good time. I know a very few words or phrases in Japanese and look forward to expanding my comprehension of the language. I took two years of Spanish in high school and got less out of it than I have using my Japanese self study programs, just for the simple fact that I had no interest in speaking Spanish and despised my teacher. She really was a cow...

And in complete contradiction of my innate urge to wander, comes another pet. Two, if you count Matt's.

Friday night I was walking Frank back from the park next to our house with Soren and Matt, (and their respective dogs Ein and Pie), when Frank lunged at something I thought was trash on the sidewalk. Someone, I don't even know who, quickly realized it was not trash, but an animal, and pried Frank's mouth open to let it escape. It turned out to be a small black and white domestic rat, which dashed into the hedge next to the sidewalk. I could still see its tail sticking out, so I reached in and pulled it out, because I knew a domestic rat wasn't going to survive on its own in the wild. He was completely adorable, and I decided to keep him. We made plans to go and get a cage after we dropped off the dogs.

As we were walking up to our house, I realized it was bleeding from a small spot on its belly. I was worried, so we decided to take it to the vet first to be sure Frank hadn't caused any internal damage. The vet checked him over and decided he was just shaken, and maybe a little sore. She decided to give him an anti-inflammatory shot to help him feel a little better, and took him in the back. A few minutes later the vet returned to say she'd discovered a bright green patch on his tail, which led her to inspect his mouth. It turns out my new little rat had ingested rat poison. His tongue was swollen and his teeth were coated in the same bright green. We had no choice but to euthanize him to save him from a horrible, painful death.

I was crushed. I couldn't stop crying. I don't know why I'd let myself get so attached, but he was so absolutely precious, and I thought he had found the perfect home.
Instead he died.

Matt and Soren felt so bad they took me to Petco, where Soren bought me a huge rat mansion. On Saturday Matt took me back to pick out my rat. Later that night we went back to get one for Matt so she wouldn't be alone.

After days of indecision, I finally thought of the perfect name today.

Te-heee! I completely love her. She's the girliest, cutest, most adorable thing ever.


Janieac said...

Yessssss, St. Louis is cheap! Come back!


Maybe spending all day in a vet's office will help keep you from bringing even more critters home.

No. I guess it wouldn't.

Dexter Obvious said...

Not if Salem is any indication.

meg's thoughts return said...

Sigh, I like your cute new friend. Perhaps we should meet.

I struggled on my vacation as well. It was lovely and carefree...the weather felt like magic on my skin. It made me miss living in a desert climate and made me realize how badly the weather has effected my attitude this year. However, unlike St. Louis, California makes Seattle look cheap (shitty gin and tonics for $13 anyone?) so it is unlikely I will be leaving this place soon. Lets eat dumplings together soon.

Françoise de Fleur said...

Can I be a pet at your house?

Dexter Obvious said...

Well...if you want, I guess we could fit you in somewhere. What do you eat?