Saturday, May 24, 2008

38. Momentous Occasion

We've been testing Frank with the bark collar for just over a week now. Soren graciously volunteered to let us crate him at his apartment until we could be sure it was working. I wasn't terribly happy with the tape recorder I bought, so Matt rigged a baby monitor set up out of our cell phones. That way we'd know right away if he started barking, and we wouldn't have to spend hours listening to a tape playback. It's free for Matt and I to call each other, so we left my phone on speaker near the front of Frank's crate connected to Matt's phone, which he listened to with his Bluetooth headset. Also, to be certain that we'd know if the call dropped, and to keep the dogs company, we left the tv playing in the background.

Frank has passed every single test with flying colors. Not one bark in any of the times we've monitored him.

Today is the first day I have ever left my dog crated at home without getting a noise complaint. We took a bus to the U-District and were gone for three hours. And in three hours of Matt wearing his headset, all he heard was the television. Frank was silent the entire time.

I'm so proud of my dog. After two and a half years, he finally, finally gets it. I have my freedom back. No more worrying about leaving him in a hot car, or having to microwave a snuggle disc to keep the floor of his crate warm in winter. No more stressing over how I was going to come up with money for boarding, or having to drop him off with Soren before we can go out. No more screaming monster in my back seat while I'm trying to drive.

I'm free!

I feel a celebration is in order. It's a good thing I picked gold as my color for Meghann's monochrome party tonight...because today, nothing but champagne will do.


Janieac said...

Hooray!!! Congratulations!!!

Françoise de Fleur said...

Oh yes, and champagne you DID have. Does he continue to fare well?