Wednesday, June 4, 2008

39. News Items

Japanese class seems to be going well. Though, I suppose I'm able to say that because there are no grades, and all of the homework is like an open book test. Without my reference materials I think I'd be absolutely screwed. I can't say I've actually acquired any mastery of sentence structure and grammar, or that my vocabulary has grown terribly large. Still, I have gotten more out of learning Japanese, through a combination of self study and class work, than I did from two years of Spanish class in high school. So I suppose that's better than nothing. I am nearly able to recognize and write the first 46 characters. Which is exciting to me. From the outside looking in, the language appears incredibly difficult, but as it is broken into smaller pieces with decent explanations, it becomes as easy as learning any other language. Though I never expect that I will ever be able to read or write much in the way of kanji. We'll see. Tomorrow is class number five.

Matt and I bought a tent this week. Which was sort of random, but we talked about it for a month beforehand, and were looking on Craigslist for a cheap one, when conveniently, Matt's co-worker mentioned having one for sale. It's a 10x10 five man tent, which is quite a bit larger than I'd planned on buying, but it was only $50. It's big enough to fit an air mattress, the dogs, or possibly an extra couple of people who don't have their own tent. And you can almost stand up inside while getting dressed. It's only been used once, so it seemed like a good starter. We'll hopefully be taking our first camping excursion next weekend, in a national forest near Leavenworth. I'm hoping to spend a day playing in German town, do some hiking, and get lots of photos. I ordered a new tripod for my camera today, to replace the frustrating pile of toothpicks I had before. It should arrive by next Friday, just in time for our trip.

Otherwise, I've spent too much time over the past two weeks applying for random jobs. It's beginning to be a frustrating venture indeed. I was declined for an internal posting I was exceptionally qualified for, probably because I refuse to schmooze. I still refuse. If I cared more about the company or the people in it, I might put forth the effort. But I just don't have the energy to care. I've turned down two very exciting veterinary positions because the pay cut would be too great. I've got a couple other applications I've submitted or am still working on, but I don't have much hope for those either.

I'm torn between desperately wanting a job that I would enjoy and desperately needing to find something that pays better. And as it turns out, neither of those things seem to be attainable without an effing degree. Silly me. Dropping out of college because I wasn't ready to be there and wasn't able to afford it. As it turns out, you should take the opportunity to get the paper while you can handle being a broke-ass college student. I finally feel I'm mature enough and motivated enough to handle college, and now I can't afford to have a part time job that would allow me the time to get a bachelor's in under 4 years. Who knew.

On the bright side, I did discover that I can get $750 a year in tuition reimbursement through work. So that's something. It claims it will cover the photography class I've been eying for this fall, and probably 1-2 more classes in the spring. Free school is cool. I'd take that in a heartbeat. So there's at least one perk to staying where I am.

I need sleep now. Oyasumi nasai.


Françoise de Fleur said...

Well now, don't underestimate yourself with the kanji. I think you'll actually find that they're not as bizarre as they may seem - there is rhyme and reason to the system (most of the time).

I am also feeling the cabin fever in my job. I like it enough, and on the surface, it may seem like a perfect fit for me. But what it comes down to is, I hate being in sales. It doesn't matter that I'm selling musical instruments. It's still the same sort of technique you have to employ to sell washing machines and cars. It doesn't work to say to the customer, "Well if you're not sure you want/need it, don't buy it."

Wow, that was a rant. Sorry. What I wanted to say was - I feel ya, and good luck in the search. I'm not searching for another job, but I'm for sure trying to hatch a new plan... And school may be in my near future. If so, let's study together!

Janieac said...

"Silly me. Dropping out of college because I wasn't ready to be there and wasn't able to afford it. As it turns out, you should take the opportunity to get the paper while you can handle being a broke-ass college student."

The credo of the lower-middle class; those of us who combined with our parents' incomes, by the government standards, are only just able to "afford" to pay for college on our own.

I feel you.