Tuesday, June 17, 2008

41. For Sale

One oldish, smallish sort of refrigerator. Large enough to freeze a small dog, yet strangely too small to house the half-eaten remnants of a Thanksgiving turkey amidst the sea of forgotten condiments packed well beyond their bursting points.

Reliably keeps things cold, but loves to freezer burn. The interior light is broken, but your electric bill will thank you. Otherwise not terribly energy efficient, unwilling to remain closed, and 100% free of confusing bells and/or whistles.

Please get this eyesore out of my living room. It is taking up valuable space which could be occupied with more interesting things.
Like air.

$50 cash.
Or best offer above the $30 check the recycling company promises me I'll receive 3-4 weeks after they come to haul the fridge away on July 12th.


Françoise de Fleur said...


Janieac said...

Heheheh. Jimi.

meg's thoughts return said...

hahahahaha I loves the Jimi in the fridge shot. He looks like "What? You want a fridge? This is my fridge! I'll bite yo toes!"