Sunday, July 13, 2008

44. July 13th

This morning began with wheat yogurt waffles (made by me) and ended in coffee on my porch for the first time all summer. They're practically finished with it, just a little bit of painting left,
so I decided to go ahead and drop a couple of chairs just out of the way of the incompleteness. The pets and I lounged around soaking up the sun until Frank dropped his tennis ball in my coffee and spilled it everywhere. He felt very bad.

I spent most of the weekend shopping for clothes. My closet is brimming with new fun things. Mostly thrifted or purchased on clearance. I also found a homeless dinosaur for $4 at Target, who I've decided to call Henry. He's really wonderful, I think. He's the sort of dinosaur who makes you want to carry him everywhere with you having adventures.

All that shopping worked up an appetite, and Matt was feeling too lazy and hungry to cook dinner, so he recommended we visit The Keg. He had the prime rib, and I had a half order of king crab. I hope that doesn't make me a cannibal. Crabbies don't typically eat their own kind I don't think. But crabbies are so delicious, I cannot resist. This crabbie was particularly delicious. I have no regrets.

After dinner I took the Frank-dog for his walk. We saw a mole rumbling around under the dirt, met some kids in the park, and got yelled at by a stray shar-pei who was being chased by a very sweaty and out of breath man. The man made a point to stop and let me know that his dog had jumped a six foot fence. I wasn't sure how to respond to that.

Tomorrow is Monday. I wish it weren't, because I was just beginning to really enjoy being at home. Our house has been growing on me lately. The things that need fixing haven't been bothering me as much. And the neighbors haven't been so horrid either, so I don't feel such an urge to move as quickly as possible. We definitely need more space, but I'm feeling patient about it. It's been a very nice summer so far, and I think that has made all the difference.


Françoise de Fleur said...

I didn't realize you were a crab? Crabbies are deeelicious and you shouldn't ever feel bad for enjoying their tastiness. I am a carnivore and proud of it. Rawr!

Henry should meet Meghann's retardo dino - whose name I've forgotten - we found him at Bumbershoot and she fell in love.

meg's thoughts return said...

ALFONSE! (my retardo dino) would love to hang with your new dino friend.

Also, I loooooooooooves crabbies (of the non-public lice variety of course) (was that necessary? no.)

Also, your house is delightful and feels like a cozy library of sorts with animals, plants, arts, and wii delights. Oh and food. I like food.

Speaking of, I believe steve and I owe you two a visit - perhaps to try some of your famed waffles? We are out of town this weekend, steve's sister's wedding is next weekend, but surely we can come up with something!