Friday, August 22, 2008

53. Truly Fearsome.

"They are vengeful!"

I feel like this director has seen Best in Show a few too many times. If the entire documentary *pardon*...dogumentary, is as hysterical as this trailer makes out, I have to see it. Dog show people are crazy.

Wiener Takes All


Janieac said...

So is this for real? At least one of those guys I recognized as an actor ... it looks uncannily like the real deal though.

I love the racing wieners!!! Hilarious.

One really bad one in the mockumentary genre was Closing Escrow. It wasn't funny at all, really; sad, because it had so much potential.

Dexter Obvious said...

As far as I can tell it's the real thing.


Janieac said...

That really is hysterical then. Holy lord. They're so very long and wee to be racing like that!

I want a doxie.