Thursday, September 18, 2008

57. Good Morning, Grey Sky

It's starting to look like fall around here I think.
The weather has been gorgeous, but I noticed this week that the grass is starting to be covered in a freckling of crispy leaves. One of the trees outside my house even has some tinges of red at the ends of its branches.

I'm a little sad that summer is ending. I was really enjoying the sunshine and perfect weather. Also, the wearing of floppy bare feet shoes is quite nice for the ease of kicking them off to scrunch my toes in the grass at the park. But fall is I think my very favorite season, so I can't be too disappointed. It's nearly time for cozy cups of chai tea and jackets, and pumpkins and warm kitcheny sorts of baking smells. I missed the fog that's returned this morning to loom outside my window. I think that must be why I'm so sleepy today...

I'm looking forward to this weekend a lot. I took Monday off for my last vacation day until I get more in October. I expect it will be oh so nice to sleep in and decompress after a very busy two weeks. I'm not even sure what was so busy about them really. My brother came to visit, but that wasn't really the busy part. It seems like I've been running lots of errands every day and not getting to do much else until last night. Matt and I walked to have some dinner at the Mongolian Grill down the street, and did some grocery shopping at the discount outlet. Afterward we walked the dogs for a while, though I'm not sure it was enough for the Frank-dog. He spent the rest of the night trying to get the cats to run so he could chase and tackle them.

It is my hope to spend my 3 days of my mini-vacation relaxing and putting myself back together in proper order. On Saturday Matt is taking me on a date, unless something happens to postpone it again. We're going for a canoe ride at the Arboretum after a happy breakfast out. We were supposed to go last Saturday, but there was a Huskies game, so the park was closed I guess. I wish the film I ordered would arrive beforehand, because I read that the park is exceptionally lovely. But it isn't due until next Wednesday-ish, so I may just have to bring the point and shoot instead. I suppose that's a better idea anyway; I'd be much more upset if I were to drop my AE-1 into the lake.

On Sunday we're disc golfing with Meghann & Steve, which I have never tried. Apparently it is nothing like frisbee, and shame on me for comparing the two...
I hope that to be the case, because I am a terrible frisbee-er.


Janieac said...

HA! Disc golf. Dork.

Sounds like a really fun weekend.

I can't tell you how nervous it made me to have my 30D on the lake when we went over the 4th. I even had a strategy all mapped out to ensure that it stayed dry in case the boat would sink.

I planned on dumping the cooler (yes, all of the beer and whatnot) and putting the entire camera bag in it, so that it would float on the water with me to safety on the shore.

Okay, who's the dork now.

Super Milk-Chan said...

For such an expensive camera...I'd probably do the same. :)

meg's thoughts return said...

Wah! It's saturday and it is most assuredly raining!

I hope you two had a plan B for your date or are at least taking some first rainy fall day photos.

I'm brainstorming for alternate activities for tomorrow as well.