Monday, September 29, 2008

59. Yum Yum Yum!

My stomach is still recovering from a weekend of competitive eating. I am admittedly rather plump today.

For breakfast Saturday morning, I tried out this recipe I saw on "Party Line with the Hearty Boys". It's the most ridiculous show on Food Network, hosted by a pitifully preppy gay couple whose awkwardness isn't as endearing as it is painful to watch. Which I assume is why they're on at 4 in the morning...

The recipe came out great though, it's a keeper for sure. I made a few alterations (gotta make it my own, you know). Instead of prosciutto, I used a couple leaves of baby spinach and crumbled sausage. And I topped the egg with grated asiago instead of parmesan. It was hard to tell when the eggs were done, so I left them in for 17 minutes. They ended up cooked all the way through, so I'll have to reduce the cooking time when I try them again this weekend. They're supposed to be a little soft in the middle so they melt all over the other fillings when you cut into them. But even slightly overdone, they were delicious and very impressive looking.

Saturday afternoon Matt and I pigged out at Ruby's diner in the mall. I had a huge Double Vanilla shake and polished off a plate of Buffalo Chicken too. Piggie! That night we went to Meghann and Steve's dinner party, so I really should have passed on the afternoon meal and gone for a lighter snack.

Dinner was a fabulous three course meal plus dessert. The starter was a very finely pureed gazpacho served in a champagne glass and topped with mandolin-thin (but which Darron had sliced entirely by hand) cheese, asian pear, and I think cucumber? Now I don't remember for sure. And topped by ribbons of fresh basil. Yum!

Next was steamed mussels served with a delicious tartar sort of sauce that I would happily eat alone with a spoon. The mussels were HUGE and perfectly cooked.

The main course was roast chickens (a pile of them), served with white rice and a sort of eggplant ratatoullie, for lack of a better description. And also a tasty pile of sauteed greens. *Scrumptious* I really thought I was going to burst afterward. My stomach was so full that I actually got a really painful stitch in my side like I'd been jogging or something. Fortunately, I was able to recover enough over the next hour or two that I found some space to fit dessert. Pumpkin bread pudding drizzled in caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream.

Meghann and Steve are awesome hosts, the whole night was super impressive. I can't believe they were able to pull off dinner for something like 15 people, and have the food come out tasting like they'd made it for 2. We tried serving 10 or so people last Thanksgiving, and overall, I really felt the quality of the food suffered as a result. Though having a larger kitchen would certainly help.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling exhausted and fairly hungover, so Matt made me the perfect breakfast to help me recover. A chorizo scramble served over home made tortilla chips. I felt much better after that, but managed to slip in a nap with the dogs anyway. An hour later I woke up to the sound of leaves rustling in the trees outside my window and realized I was wasting what may be one of the last summery days of the year.

We spent the afternoon canoeing around the Arboretum at UW. Our date was rained out last Saturday, so it was nice to get a second chance. We paddled around riding the waves of bigger boats and passing through groups of ducks. At the back of the Arboretum was a little hidden loop where we found a Blue Heron. We stopped our canoe a few feet away and watched him hunt a fish for a while. He seemed used to being around people, so we were able to sit close enough to have a good view without disturbing him.

Rowing works up quite an apetite, and Matt was beginning to get a little sunburnt, so we headed home after about an hour and a half. For dinner we used the leftover wonton wrappers to make steamed dumplings stuffed with pork and shrimp (among other things). Matt caught an episode of Tyler Florence that featured Martin Yan (Of "Yan Can Cook") recently, and he's had a bit of an obsession with dumplings ever since. I am entirely fine with this, as I think I could probably live on dumplings alone. We're going to try another batch as soon as possible. The plan is to make larger quantities and freeze them for easy weeknight dinners.

After a weekend like that, my stomach is in need of a serious vacation. It is now Monday morning and I am STILL full. Perhaps I should exercise.

"When I up, down and touch the ground
It puts me in the mood,
Up, down and touch the ground
In the mood for food

I am stout, round and I have found
Speaking poundage wise
I improve my appetite
When I exercise..."


Janieac said...


Sounds like a fabulous food-cation though. For cereal.

And I thought Thanksgiving last year was delicious. So there.


I long to have dinner parties like that. Some day, I'll have a grown-up house that has room for an adequate dining room and dining table. Some day.

meg's thoughts return said...

I am so glad you came last week!