Sunday, October 26, 2008

63. Fall/Winter Inspirations

I've begun to notice a definite pattern in the looks I'm attracted to for fall. I always love love love layers, and I'm finding myself equally drawn to black tights and heels, unusual hats, and long textured gloves. Whatever makes you cozy I suppose...

Here are my favorite inspirations of late:

By Donna Karan:


I actually disliked the majority of this collection, particularly one pink shift dress that reminded me of a Star Trek convention. But I thought this one was pretty adorable.

Nina Ricci:


I really loved the look of this one, but the length could be more...substantial. I am sure there are plenty of women brave enough to wear a dress this short, but I am unfortunately not one of them. Then again, I like to be able to do things like bend and sit down.


Have I mentioned I love buttons? Because I do.


This one is futuristic radness. It makes me happy.

And finally, by Burberry:

This last one is my favorite of the three Burberry looks. I love that shade of blue.

I'm hoping to be able to find some similar pieces while thrifting, but I don't have a lot of hope for crocheted/knitted dresses. I am also still on the hunt for fitted vests and super tailored trousers, but so far, I haven't had a lot of luck in the land of gently used items. I did find one supremely awesome navy blue velvet vest for $2, but am struggling to find the right shirt to wear it with.

I had pictured something a bit like Yuki, from Asobi Seksu:

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Janieac said...

Very pretty! Love the bubble skirt and the buttoned dress.

I also love all of these shoes.

It sucks that skirts, even with tights, are pretty much out of the question here when it gets really cold. You could totally pull most of this off in the PNW, though. Easy.