Saturday, November 15, 2008

65. Home

Vacation was lovely. All sorts of adventurous and pushing me to my limits of acceptable cleanliness. But it was good for me. I met new and excellent people, did and saw awesome things, and felt very much alive.

I am very happy to be home though. My cats were thrilled to see me, and my dog was beside himself. Even the rats were on hind legs straining to see who was there and if they might perhaps leave them a yogurt treat. Everyone is pleased.

I need to hold on to my creative energies and do something valid with them. I always reach this point, after a time away from work, where I feel like I am flooding over with ideas and the motivation to create. But then I get home, and the grind resumes, and the energy dissipates until next vacation.

I want to keep it this time.
And for starters, I am going to buy myself a bike.

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Janieac said...

Heck yesss!!! You will not regret it. I heart my bike with all my heart.

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful adventure-cation! It was hard to respond to your last e-mail, because I felt like any response would have seemed too underwhelming. I can't wait to see photos!