Friday, November 28, 2008

71. Environmentally Delicious!

Say hello to my new favorite vodka:

Matt and I stumbled upon 360 tonight when Matt mentioned that he had a serious craving for a good bloody mary. As we were picking through the vodka section together, our hands landed on this bottle at the exact same time. It was just too pretty to pass up.

Upon closer examination, we were delighted to find ourselves holding one of the most planet-conscious alcohols we've ever seen. According to their label, the bottle is comprised of 85% recycled glass, and their labels are 100% post consumer waste paper. The bottle even comes with a postage paid envelope so you can mail the stopper back to them for recycling. The vodka itself is not organic, but after reading through their literature, you certainly can't argue that the distillery isn't doing its part to reduce their eco-footprint.

Pretty packaging and good citizenship aside, it was the taste that made the biggest impression. 360 is super smooth, making it the perfect mixer. The scent wafting from the bottle reminded me of a white russian. It concocted one killer bloody mary, and quite possibly the only vodka martini I've ever enjoyed. I love martinis, but I've always preferred Tanqueray gin, and have never been able to drink one straight-up. 360 is so smooth I could probably drink it right out of the bottle (not that I would, of course). But it was pretty refreshing. Like glacial water with a little kick.

For $24, I gotta say...I don't think you're going to regret it.

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