Friday, December 5, 2008

73. Domestic Goddess

This week I've been searching for new ways to play and/or fill my time creatively. I finally gathered the nerve to try baking bread, and discovered it isn't nearly so intimidating as I'd previously believed. I think kneading the dough is the part I love best. I like the way the dough feels on my hands, and the way the yeast smells.

Monday I baked my first loaf of actual bread, after discovering a very simple recipe for focaccia in our Big Book of Breakfast cookbook. I want to make it again the next time anyone drops in for dinner. The end result was really sort of elegant.

I'm hoping to try something new this weekend, so if anyone has a favorite they'd like to pass along, feel free to add it to my comments section.

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meg's thoughts return said...

Yay! Bread making is the very best (also eating bread dough is quite delightful). I made some potato bread rolls for thanksgiving and they were probably the best bread I've ever made.

We should exchange bread sometime!!!!