Thursday, December 11, 2008

75. Misterlou

I finally managed to get a photo of my friend Louie today.
Pretty handsome, don't you think?

We had a really great ride tonight. So great, I fell off twice.

As I mentioned before, Louie used to be a racehorse. But you wouldn't be able to tell if you watched him in a lesson. I usually have to beg him to move at all. Today, maybe because it was so cold, he suddenly woke up half way through our ride and really started flying. We were communicating a lot better than usual, and we were taking some really decent little jumps. *Tiny* jumps, but every jump is exciting to me...

The first time I bit it was due to a small misunderstanding. We had just covered three closely spaced poles in a row, and Louie got really excited. As we rounded the bend, he thought we were going to take the remaining two, and I didn't realize it until we were almost on top of them. I lost my balance and nearly landed in a fence post. At the last moment, Louie swerved, and I managed to avoid impaling myself.
Instead I landed directly on my head.

It effing hurt. It wasn't Louie's fault, it just happened too quickly, and I didn't react in time.

I got right back on, determined to do it again. I asked for a canter, and he immediately took off.
This was a bad choice.
He was still really excited from the first run-through, and immediately picked up a lot of speed. He went flying over the three poles again, like he really meant it, and by the third pole, was going so fast he actually started to get away from me. I lost my balance, over-compensated, and flew over his head in a somersault across the ground.

This time it didn't hurt at all, and as I was lying on the ground staring at the ceiling, I realized that I actually felt better than I did before I fell. Like I'd rolled my brains back into their proper placement or something. So I climbed back on and walked the rest of the lesson to calm him down.

How is it that I have 3 straight weeks in a row in which I don't fall off, but don't seem to accomplish anything either, and then have what is probably a really terrible lesson, but feel amazing afterward?

I feel like I got somewhere today, even if I did eat dirt twice in a row. I've been stuck for weeks now, not making any progree at all, and today felt productive. It was awesome.

And Louie was definitely pleased with himself.

Besides, how could you be mad at his puppy face?

You just can't.

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Janieac said...

That is a really great photo! And he is uber cute. I like his little dance.

Sounds to me like he's like a retired old man; he was once brilliant at his trade, but now would rather just retire someplace warm and gnaw on hay all day.