Thursday, January 1, 2009

83. Hello 2009

We spent New Year's eve in the company of one of my very favorite bands in the universe...


They were incredible. This was Matt and I's second time seeing them this year, and again, they left me breathless. If Nick Urata's Casanova voice doesn't bring you to your knees, Tom Hagerman's violin certainly will.

As a sort of memento of the evening, I just ordered "How It Ends" on vinyl. I can't wait for it to show up, it's going to be amazing.

And since it's 2009, I suppose it's also time for some resolutions. So here's what I've got:

1. Start doing yoga again, maybe even with some professional instruction.
2. Take a sewing class and get my machine repaired.
3. Learn to take a crossrail at a decent pace without landing on my head.
4. Start saving up some cash so I can renovate my bathrooms.
5. Hike to the top of Wallace Falls.
6. Stop making excuses for myself and actually go photo in my own city.

Happy 2009!


Françoise de Fleur said...

Don't forget our plan to run away with him...! Wahaha.

It was lovely to see you last night; I hope to see more of you and Matt (and the animals, of course) in 2009!

Janieac said...

On vinyl! Wheee!!! I love that album mucho. I need to see them live. What a great way to spend NYE!