Saturday, February 7, 2009

88. A Date With Myself

It is Saturday, 9:17am to be exact, and I have the whole day to spend however I like. Matt and Chris are off to Stevens Pass for a day of snowboarding, and Soren has most unfortunately contracted my horrible cold, thus forcing us to cancel our breakfast plans. While I am disappointed that I won't be devouring waffles with my favorite polar bear, I am excited to have so much free time with only myself.

Best of all, my house is already as clean as I would like to make it, the grocery shopping is pretty much done, and I have no real errands besides. My only required stop is to pick up greek yogurt for tzatziki, as I'm making falafel for dinner, and the ingredients for tiramisu, which Chris plans on making for dessert tomorrow night. Chris' cousin is currently living in Paris, where she's attending culinary school, and the tiramisu recipe came from her.

So I think Frank and I will spend an hour or two walking around Greenlake, and I may have to do a little thrifting as well. And then when I've worn myself out sufficiently, I think I'll curl up in bed with the most appetizing book I found at the thrift store last weekend:

And my soundtrack for this chilly February day? Lots and lots of Joy Division.
Happy Saturday!

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Janieac said...

Oooooo! Good self-date!

It's so funny; this book reminds me of Ratatouille, which we just watched last night. It was schmaltzy, but I'm a huge Patton Oswalt fan. It didn't disappoint. It was cute, too cute, but hey. It was a sweet story about delicious French cuisine and featured an adorably animated little rattie-poo. :)