Wednesday, March 11, 2009

93. Argh.

The entirety of my Tuesday was spent enrolling in college. Ok, actually, I applied over a week ago, but yesterday I did my placement tests for English and Math, registered for my first quarter of classes, and finished up with applying for financial aid. The beginning of the quarter is still three weeks away and already I'm feeling completely overwhelmed.

It's my fault. I'm trying to make this time perfect, and that means choosing a reasonable major. You know, something that will actually pan out into an actual career after graduation. Only every time I go over the course catalogs, I feel myself being drawn to the flakiest of shiny happy subjects instead of anything that resembles my one day bringing home the bacon.

My first quarter is to be English 101 and Drawing 1. I'm especially excited about the drawing, and it wasn't even my suggestion. When my advisor saw that Math 080 wasn't offered this quarter, he decided I should do something more fun while I become re-accustomed to the higher education lifestyle.

The thing is that now I can't put down the course catalog. I'm 27 years old and I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. It's sort of ridiculous, but I'm indecisive and attracted to too many possibilities. After picking through the catalog for the past half hour, I'm finding that a degree in Biology or Anthropology are the most intriguing.


Archaeology is immensely fascinating. I spent a fair portion of my elementary school years checking out every book on ancient Egypt that I could find at the library. And as for the biology portion, I heart science. But I'm horrible at math. And then there's this piece of me that wants to take about a billion art and science courses and combine the two realms into insane interpretations of evolution on canvas or in sculpture.

Everything sounds really exciting until I stop and remind myself that by the time I'm finished, I'm going to have amassed more than $20,000 in student loans, and I'm going to need a career that pays well enough to cover the bill. So what to choose? Accountant?

Shoot me.


meg's thoughts return said...

Just be sure you choose something you love. My sister is having a hell of a time finishing because she keeps picking majors that she thinks she SHOULD study (forestry science, business). I had a hard time picking a major too, all of the courses sound so exciting in writing, no? I picked English because I kicked butt at it, but I grew super tired of it by my junior year because it wasn't a challenge, which caused me to slack off. My wandering eye drew me to Political Science, which seemed so much more exciting and relevant to real life, so I added it on my junior year.

It sounds like you're making progress though! All you can really do is just balance out 'logical' courses with the ones that really stick out to you, and hope something comes from it!

Janieac said...

Why is your default always accountant?! WHY?!?!

I say just take courses and go with what you gravitate to. You may find yourself to be far more patient now, 10 years after your first college try, which may mean that you'll be more into challenging subjects like science and math. Take some bio courses, see how it goes.

I can definitely see you being very comfortable and happy in academia. Doing research and what not.