Saturday, May 30, 2009

102. Liar.

Here's a little musical interlude on for this sunny Saturday morning.

St. Vincent's second album, Actor, was released about a month ago, and it's every bit as good as her first. Her siren-like voice perfectly offsets the album's rugged, electronic-infused backdrop.

The video for "Actor Out of Work", the album's first single, was directed by Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey, who collectively refer to themselves as "Terri Timely". They've done quite a few videos for indie artists, my favorite of which is Joanna Newsom's "The Sprout and the Bean". I'm especially fond of their film style - it has this very clean and uncomplicated quality that I find appealing.

If you get a chance, wander over to Terri Timely's website to check out some of their short films, like "Cecil" and "Children are a Gift". They're pretty hysterical.


meg's thoughts return said...

Steve and I have both been listening to this album non-stop. I actually like it a lot better than the first one. I think I totally adored about 3.5 of the tracks on the first album and skipped a bunch that I didn't care for, whereas I like this album as a whole.

I had to get over how crappy she was when I saw her live (the music was great, she was kinda rude and only played for 20 minutes, I was super bummed, maybe she was having a bad day).

Super Milk-Chan said...

That's entirely disappointing.

Janieac said...

I'm a horrible person. I would love St. Vincent if it weren't for the fact that there's something about her face that I just HATE.

It's irrational, and completely unfounded; but there's something about her bone structure that just irks me immensely.

The music is awesome though.