Thursday, May 14, 2009

98. Thursday

School has done a funny thing to my brains. I spent so long feeling bored out of my mind that nothing ever sounded good. Suddenly, I have all these new things to focus on. I can actually feel all sorts of areas that have been dormant forever are suddenly becoming active. It's neat.

At first, I felt overwhelmed, but now, the more I do, the more I crave information. My homework alone isn't enough. My brain has become a hungry Pac Man munching up anything it can find lying around. Currently I'm reading two delightful books on the side.

The first is Siddhartha; a book I've intended to read for some time, and stumbled across for only $6 in hardback at Barnes and Noble:

The second is Persepolis, which is also an animated film that I've been wanting to see for probably a year or more. I didn't realize it was a book first. It came up randomly in conversation with the girl in the cube across from me, and she loaned me her copy to read.

I'm about halfway through each, and would highly recommend either. They're actually interesting to read together, as they have very similar themes. Persepolis is much more politically driven, while Siddhartha is so internalized it feels almost meditative...but I think they compliment each other nicely.

If only there were more hours in the day...
There is so much to try and cram into a mere 24.

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Janieac said...

I rented Persepolis (the animated film) and never watched it. I am lame. Supposed to be good.