Saturday, June 13, 2009

103. .................................

I have returned to being a disjointed and neurotic mess. I suppose that's why I'm finally writing something, because I cannot think straight.

I have heaped my schedule as full as possible with things to enrich and distract me, but whenever I finally have a moment to myself, I slide back into my puddle of woe. It's exhausting to be so completely on and then slam to such a screeching halt over and over again.

My first quarter of school is over in a few days. I have one drawing class left, and I'm fairly certain the English class is wrapping up this weekend. I don't know if I got the A's I wanted so badly, due to a mishap at the very end with my final English paper. I misread the calendar and thought it was due on Tuesday, when really it was due Thursday. I emailed it to my professor, but she specifically said she wasn't accepting late work because it was the last assignment. I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best. I have gotten an A on every single assignment in the class up to this point, so I hope that will carry me through. It was extremely upsetting to work so hard only to have it slip through my fingers at the very end.

For the summer I'm taking Astronomy online, but I have also just signed up for private viola lessons at Kennelly Keys, and of course, still have my weekly riding lesson too. My viola instructor plays with the Seattle symphony. Very exciting. I have a three month rental to try it out and see if it's for me. If it isn't, I plan to move on to something else. Probably piano, since it's a high priority on my list of things to do before I die.

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