Sunday, July 12, 2009

110. Mmm Weekend...

It's thunderstorming, which is a rare occurrence in Seattle, but totally beautiful when it does happen. Plus, it makes it really easy to shut yourself in for a Sunday of studiousness. I managed to get a short jog in earlier, but otherwise, I've spent my day working on astronomy homework, practicing my viola, and watching Mad Men with Matt. Oh, and I baked coconut cookies. Sooo bad for you!

Mad Men is kind of amazing, but I still can't help wanting to throw a pair of t-straps at my television screen over just about every other line. The chauvinism is a bit much. Still, I think I intend to keep watching. It's about as addictive as a pack of Lucky Strikes.

I'm still full body sore today from going dancing Friday night. I went out with my co-workers (and quite a few recently laid off co-workers), several of whom were performing with their bands. I think I'm in love with them all. Which I'm sort of ashamed to say...I mean, who wants to admit that they love the people they work with? But I do. The more time I spend with them, the more I adore them. They make me laugh, and vice-versa. Samantha and I danced through 3 full band sets, which I think worked out to being about 2 hours. I actually danced so hard and so long that the nail beds of my big toes are bruised from my heels.

Yesterday morning Matt and I grabbed breakfast with Soren. I ate too many hashbrowns and came home for an after breakfast nap. Around 3, Matt and I took a picnic lunch to one of the parks a block from our house, and ate on the playground. As we were eating, a lady mallard slowly crept over to us hoping we'd toss her a snack. There were at least 20 ducks in the pond, but she was the only one brave enough to come up. At first she would only come within a few feet, but after we'd tossed her some chunks of bread, she decided we were pretty ok. She finally worked up the nerve to eat right out of our hands. And if we held the bread too high for her to reach, she would actually jump up to get it.

We named her Barbara. I don't know why...she just seemed like a Barbara.
She was pretty adorable with the beggings. If you went too long without feeding her something she'd start to make this squeaky sort of begging sound and bobbing her head at you. I'm hoping we see her again sometime.

Later on in the evening, we went downtown to see the Seattle Symphony perform music from Final Fantasy. My viola teacher reminded me about it on Wednesday, so I told him I'd definitely come if tickets were still available. All that was left were the $60 third tier seats, but I feel like we still had a really good view.

We stopped next door at the Brooklyn for a couple glasses of champagne and a raw oyster snack beforehand. The bartender was a total foodie, and his girlfriend is a professional chef, so we had a pretty great conversation with him while we hung out. I can't wait to have dinner there. We'd already eaten, so we just had 1 oyster a piece, but it was by far, the best oyster I've ever had. Local fare, go figure. I just can't wait to have dinner there. The place is swank-ee.

Final Fantasy was amazing. It was a little weird, because it attracted this really strange mix of symphony fans and Final Fantasy fan boys. A lot of people were dressed like they were going to an anime convention. And the 2 guys we were stuck sitting next to were probably the biggest fan boys I've ever seen. There were screenshots from Final Fantasy gameplay and scenes from the movies showing on a screen over the orchestra throughout the show, and the fanboys would not stop talking to it, like they were hanging out with their friends at home actually playing the game. By the end of the show they were actually humming along and beating out the rhythms on their legs.

Still, I couldn't say anything. They were obviously way bigger fans than me.
I've never really played any of the games, and I haven't seen the movies. I made it halfway through FF VII before I got too bored to go on. I'm just not a turn-based RPG fan. But it was pretty awesome to see a group of people who normally wouldn't think twice about classical music so intensely wrapped up in it like that. Nobuo Uematsu is an absolutely incredible composer. And he's adorable. A lot of the music had this really epic sort of Carmina Burana feel. It was intense. Several pieces even included opera soloists. But my favorite was getting to see the violas. I really liked getting to watch Wes perform.

Flipping through the program, we found out they're performing Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho for Halloween. The film will be played on the floating screen while the orchestra performs the soundtrack. I can't wait. If tickets were available now, I'd buy them, but I think we have to wait until the new season starts.

After the show let out, we were awake and delighted, and not quite ready to go home, so we wandered over to the Musicquarium. Not a place I hang out often, but I love it every time I go. It's got the best ambience, between the fish tank, and the lights, and the rad little jazz trio of guitar/bass/drum set that was playing. The wine didn't disappoint either. It was pretty much a perfect end to a perfect day.

Holy crap I love this town.
Next weekend: My birthday in Vancouver BC!

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Janieac said...

Dude, sweet date night much?!

This reminds me of an interview I heard on NPR with the composer of Battlestar Galactica; apparently he's doing a US tour with a symphony this summer.