Saturday, July 25, 2009

113. Capitol Hill Block Party!

So so so excited to see The Gossip today!

I actually have difficulty listening to their albums at work because I feel compelled to belt out the lyrics along with them. I try to listen quietly anyway, but it's nearly impossible to sit still in my chair. Beth Ditto is this incredible force of energy that I find awe inspiring. There isn't a single track that doesn't beg you to jump on your bed, kick all the sheets and pillows onto the floor, and swing your hair in every direction at once. Plus, she gets extra brownie points for having the same name as me.

I'm also very excited to see the opening band this afternoon, Hey Marseilles.

I'm a sucker for indie bands who make proper use of stringed instruments. But there's something so optimistic about Hey Marseilles. They're the perfect soundtrack for a summer road trip. Or an afternoon with friends in Cap Hill. :)

Yay for summer!!!

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