Wednesday, July 29, 2009

116. Some Do Not Like It Hot

Blogger is the lamplight and I am the moth.
Or something equally poetic.
I just can't stop. Why so much writing about nothing lately? Really? I'm not bored...

I promised that Andrew Bird blog was the last "check out this sweet video" post, and I meant it.
In other news, here's the current stats:

Today was THE HOTTEST DAY EVER IN SEATTLE. Or at least, the hottest day on record since they started keeping track of that sort of thing in 1891.
I couldn't help but notice that every thermometer disagrees with the others, but the general consensus is that we most definitely broke 100, and it may have been 104 or higher in my neighborhood. And that's just counting outside. I promise you, were I to take the temperature of the interior of my house right now, we are still somewhere over 100, at 10:15pm. Last night I feared my blood was actually beginning to boil.

(The sun's chromosphere. Also very hot.)

I think I've been handling it decently well, considering I have no air conditioning. But I'm really trigger-happy-cranky and dying to get some exercise. Also, I'm curious how many extra calories I'm burning by just existing in this heat. I sweat without even moving, so I imagine it has to count for something. But getting back to this blood boiling issue...I've concluded that this may be how I die. Maybe taking astronomy over the summer was a bad idea, but all I can think about the past couple of days is, "what would happen if it were just a little hotter?" Global warming and the reasons for a lack of atmosphere on Mars are not things a person in my position should be thinking about. It creates the terror.

I know I'm being a pansy. We're not really going to fry like eggs on searing pavement. My car is not actually an easy bake oven hell bent on baking crispy cakelettes from my flesh. And yet...I can only think of news coverage from summers in St. Louis, when they would count the death toll of the elderly during heat waves. And I wonder, is that going to be me someday?

The answer is, yeah. I think so.

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Heh. Freakshow. The heat has gone to your brains. ;)