Friday, September 18, 2009

127. When Advertising Goes Horribly Wrong

I love American Apparel. I do. They make great quality clothing that comes in billions of lovely colors, without brand names plastered all over them, in a factory which is in fact, not a sweat-shop.

But what, WHAT were they thinking when they made this ad?

Oooooh nooooo...
Nevermind that I can see her granny underwear lines, or that the styling of the top and scarf make me suspect this outfit escaped from some Avant-garde theater production that is just too "artsy" for anyone to get.



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

126. Meeting Daniel Johnston

Friday night began with dinner at Boom Noodle, where we indulged in all sorts of tasty Japanese snacks. DELICIOUS! Afterward, we decided to wander over to Moe Bar for a drink while waiting for the Daniel Johnston show to start.

We were standing on the corner outside of Neumos while Jesse and Kelsey had a cigarette, when all of a sudden Jesse's eyes got really big, and he whispered, "That's him. That's Daniel Johnston". I turned around to find Daniel standing about 5 feet behind me, also smoking a cigarette and staring down at the sidewalk. Jesse collected the nerves to go introduce himself, and told him how much he was looking forward to the show. Daniel replied with, "Oh, good luck to you".

At that point he seemed to become aware of Kelsey and I watching from our original position, so Jesse waved us over to introduce us. Daniel shook both of our hands and for an instant, snapped out of his distracted sort of fog just long enough to make eye contact with me, smile, and say, "Oh wow, you look like Barbie!".

We talked about his robot necklace and he asked us where he could find something decent to eat. Jesse managed to get an autograph on his ticket, after which there was a lot of really adorable fan-boy dancing to celebrate. I snagged him one of the posters with Daniel's artwork from the girl's bathroom to go with it. I didn't get an autograph for myself because I've always felt weird about them. I'm much more excited just to meet the person I think. But I'm really not that into collecting "stuff" either.

My pals and I ended up snagging a spot on the railing of the upper balcony right over the stage, putting us about as close as you could get. It was really hot and muggy, but totally worth it. Daniel's performance was brilliant, but in this sort of savant kind of way. He was visibly struggling, yet every song was sweet and honest, and completely heart-shattering to watch. I wasn't expecting such openness from someone who seems so disconnected and lost in his own head. At the end he took requests from the audience and sang Walking the Cow at Jesse's suggestion (thanks to our super sweet spot putting us close enough for him to hear).

I'm really happy I got to go. It was perfect.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

125. Three Days

My Labor Day plans are finalized, and I cannot wait for it to begin.

Tomorrow night is the Daniel Johnston show at Neumos. It should be interesting. He's been known to lose track of time entirely and wander off stage after only 15 minutes, or become fixated on the idea that some item or other is possessed by the devil. Hopefully he'll feel like playing music, but even if he gets off track, I'll be in good company and we'll have fun regardless.

Saturday morning we leave for Ocean Shores. Matt and I decided it was probably about time that we visited the coast, so we booked 2 nights at a bed and breakfast instead of going to Bumbershoot. We get complimentary breakfast delivered to our room, and it's right on the beach. Our room is on the second story facing the ocean, and comes with a fireplace, jacuzzi, fuzzy bathrobes and slippers. We're going to spend the weekend wandering the beach, riding our bikes, photoing. And the best part, horseback riding on the beach! Eee!

I. Cannot. Wait.