Monday, October 5, 2009

129. Mondays Aren't All Bad

My Monday nights have recently become very busy. I rearranged my schedule so that my viola and riding lessons are one after the other on one night in order to give me more time for my college classes the rest of the week. Only I ended up dropping both of my classes this quarter because I believe I have finally found a major I want to pursue. And since Ancient Civilizations and Japanese have nothing to do with Web or Graphic Design, I decided I should probably drop them and take a few months to make up my mind. Fortunately, my English Comp credits won't go to waste, because the Drawing and Astronomy classes I took won't fit.

It's exciting to finally have something in mind...though I'm a little nervous because the Web Design major is a 2 year stand alone degree. It doesn't involve much in the way of gen eds, and it doesn't exactly transfer anywhere. You get the degree and then you're done. I'm also considering adding in a Graphic Design certificate, which should be fairly quick and easy to get. Usually you would want to get a bachelor's in Graphic Design or Visual Communication, so I'm a little apprehensive. But I feel like this gives me basic experience and exposure to the field, so that I can graduate and start doing entry level work. From there, I can either go back to school for a full four year bachelor's, or just continue to build my experience and portfolio on my own. I'm still torn, but I have an appointment to discuss my plans with an advisor on Friday.

So Mondays are hectic, with a 4:30 viola lesson followed by riding at 6. I didn't get time to eat much before I left today. I ended up getting thrown over my horse's head while doing what should have been pretty simple flat work (Ziggy wasn't in a good mood). I was left with a mouthful of dirt and an evil little charlie horse in my left calf. I landed flat on my back, so no real injuries. But as I was lying there, staring at the ceiling and mentally assessing my damage, Ziggy very delicately picked up his hoof and rested it on my head.
I get the feeling he may actually be Napoleon reincarnated...

Afterward, I came home to discover my condo has been commandeered as an Alaskan halfway house. When I left this afternoon I had two house guests. When I returned, I had four, three of whom I had never met before they arrived. I don't mind at all, but I feel bad because my house looks post-apocalyptic and I'm almost entirely out of groceries. But everyone's leaving tomorrow (except Bill), so oh well.

Besides, Matt made me dinner - an amazing omelet, a wedge of brie, and a crimson pear. And when someone makes you a dinner this perfect, you can't possibly feel stressed about anything. :)

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