Friday, October 23, 2009

131. Mission Accomplished.

Halloween costumes have been procured...



This is going to be the most ambitious make up job I have attempted to date. Also, that flame cape is going to be tough to recreate, but the effects guy at Display and Costume recommended I try buckram. It becomes moldable when wet, and then mostly solidifies again once dry. If that doesn't work out, I'll have to try wiring something together.

He also had some creative suggestions for my makeup, since I have no access to an airbrush. I'm going to be using vivid green and electric blue eyeshadows, and then coating myself in a clear sealant. Unfortunately, I'm going to be quite a bit more shimmery than I'd prefer, but without an airbrush, the full body matte look just isn't going to happen.

Lucky for me Halloween is on a Saturday this year. This is going to take hours.


Janieac said...
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Janieac said...

Back when my former step-mother was a "crafter," we used to make faux-ghost statues using molds and heavily starched cotton fabric. That may also work.

Also, try a primer for the makeup. I hear it works miracles.