Thursday, November 12, 2009

135. Discoveries!

In updating my Blogger subscriptions because my brother is a weenie who is systematically removing himself from The Matrix, I have stumbled across some new blogs which make me squeal with porcine glee.

The first, my favorite comic author/illustrator of all time - Jhonen Vasquez.
I'm feeling a bit disappointed in myself for not attending PAX this year, because as it turns out, I could have [potentially] met him. But I have never been the sort of girl who is much into the convention scene, and I ended up meeting Daniel Johnston that weekend instead. Maybe next time.
Regardless, his blog is comedy gold, just as I'd anticipated.

Second is an equally nerd-tastic discovery, belonging to Rufus Dayglo, the illustrator for the new series of Tank Girl comics.
Have Pencil, Will Scribble
Basically, post-apocalyptic punk-ass eye candy. Eee!

This site actually led to a serious Tank Girl craving, which resulted in my purchasing a copy of Armadillo! this morning.

I've been wanting it forever now, so it was really only a quasi-impulse buy. At least, that's how I'm justifying it to myself.

That's probably enough slacking for today though. Back to work.

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