Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

138. Captain Wheezy of the S.S. Bathtub

My cat is not exactly the healthiest creature. He has allergies of some sort, so that his nose is almost always stuffy, and he sounds kind of wheezy. He also snores pretty loudly as a result.

Lately, he's taken to spending a lot of time in the bathtub. He's always liked it in there, but since my brother's dog can't seem to leave the cats alone, he's been even more infatuated than usual.

This has led to the following scenario:
You go into the bathroom and are quietly minding your business when you suddenly become aware that you are not alone. An ominous sort of sound is emanating from behind the shower curtain. Like there's a monster in there, waiting for the perfect moment to leap out and eat you whole. But then you pull back the curtain to investigate, and find that the monster is actually a very fat cat looking so pleased he actually seems to be smiling, as he sort of wallows around on the fiberglass at the same time.

Monday, December 7, 2009

137. Runaway

Recently life has gotten ridiculously complicated, and frustrating, and lots of other adjectives I won't bore you with. But my point in bringing it up at all is that I am escaping. Via airplane.

Initially, I was invited to New York with a friend who is already going to visit her brother. But from the moment I began scheming [drunkenly], I was trying to figure out a way to get the people I'm really missing to come with me. The next day, after I'd had a chance to sober up and think things through a little more rationally, I realized this idea wasn't really even kind of realistic. So I've decided New York will have to wait. I'm going to go to Chicago instead, where I hope to have many fabulous adventures with people I love more than I could ever explain.

Plane tickets are purchased. Now I just have to get the time off work, which is proving more difficult than anticipated. But I have my fingers crossed that everything will work out.