Wednesday, February 3, 2010

145. Materialism and You: The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

I think that I'm pretty much moved into my new apartment. In the process of doing so I have reached a very important conclusion; I own entirely too much stuff.

While I was ferrying it over, I unloaded at least 4 trash bags of stuff on my local Goodwill. Yet I still can't find space for everything I kept. It's actually making me sort of clausterphobic. It seemed like a one bedroom would be plenty big, but I perhaps I underestimated the quantity of junk I own.

I'm not even sure why I keep it all. What good are a bunch of old year books and piles of clothes you almost never wear? But I do wear all of my clothes sometimes, and people are supposed to care about things like high school memories, right? It just feels overwhelming. I hate feeling like I have this enormous ball and chain to drag with me everywhere I go. None of it seems terribly worth keeping except for things like books and records. Or stuff I use on a daily basis.

I suspect it may be time I began to embrace a more minimalist existence.


Janieac said...

That, or drop all of the nostalgic stuff in the parents' basement like a good onion. Heheh.

PS I'm a total minimalist who tosses everything that doesn't get looked at in 6 months; yet, I still have my yearbooks, and lots of random tiny things that I keep in my hope chest as momentos of my youth.

Then, the other day, I actually went through my hope chest and threw 60% of the stuff in it out. Sentimentality has its place, but sometimes it's time to just move on.

Glad said...

OMG, start NOW! Don't wait till you have to move a 3-level townhouse with 20 years of accumulated JUNK from a spouse who insists on saving everything from used bread ties (not kidding!) to things he can't even identify ("it might come in handy some day...") Take it from one who knows - You will be much happier with fewer belongings to keep track of.