Saturday, April 10, 2010

154. Saturday, Saturday

My apartment complex finally got around to repairing/replacing our gym equipment, and I finally got sick of sitting around eating and feeling sorry for myself, so last night I went and worked out. I let myself go much too long without any activity and I'd forgotten how much better it makes me feel.

Today I feel a little slimmer, I'm happier, and I'm actually in the mood to try some photography with my 30D. Ashley is coming over at 10 to go hiking (not sure where yet), but I think I'm going to bring it with me and see what I find.

I'm still completely at a loss for editing my higher quality .CR2 images in Photoshop, but at least I can play around with the .JPEGs in the meantime. I think I'm going to have to take a class. I spent two hours trying to edit digital negatives from Chicago the other night, but came up with nothing.

Tonight is Bastille Cafe with Kelsey, Corrie and Chelsea. I might bring the camera to dinner too, though even my smallest lens has a little trouble shooting subjects that close. I tend to get a lot of super cropped face shots and not much else. French food is worth the attempts to photograph, though. So pretty!

I was supposed to see Spoon at The Moore, but tickets were $40. And I hate The Moore. Gorgeous little theater, but there is NO leg room, and I was going to be sitting alone anyway, because no one buys their tickets together. It's just not the ideal venue to see a rock show, and I can't justify it to myself when I'm trying to save enough money to start riding again next month. I think I could forgo seeing just about any band to be able to get myself back on a horse. Excluding Tom Waits. Tom Waits trumps everything.

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