Saturday, April 24, 2010

156. Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday night I had my first riding lesson since November. This is EXTREEEEMELY exciting to me, obviously. I rode my buddy Roy, who let me know exactly how much he'd missed me by snapping his head around and biting me quite hard on the back of my right arm while I was tightening his girth. He's a big baby about the girth portion of tacking up, and is always throwing a little temper tantrum about it, squealing like a pig or stomping around. I have a rainbow colored bruise from it that looks like I was pelted with a grapefruit shot from a ball launcher.

In fact, to further illustrate, these are Roy's chompers:

(It's been a while since he's seen a dentist)

Fortunately, I survived nearly being eaten by my trusty steed, and we had a really fantastic lesson. He was responsive, and I was surprised to find that I wasn't as out of shape as I'd thought. I mean, I'm still sore from head to toe, but muscle memory makes an enormous difference. I had sort of assumed that 1) I'd be practically starting over, and 2) I would probably eat dirt by the time the night was over. Neither ended up being the case, and by the end of the hour I was cantering over poles almost as if I'd never stopped riding. I cannot WAIT for next Thursday.

Last night I came home feeling so sore that I was actually nauseous and like I was made of cement, so I made a quick dinner (roasted potatoes and grilled shrimp!) and then took a nap. I woke up around 7:30 feeling much better and not at all like staying in. A quick text to my friend Ashley, and an hour later we were on our way to the casino with her very adorable Russian friend, her brother, and their friend who was in town for a wedding. Since moving out on my own I've really tried to say yes to invitations out, even when it doesn't necessarily sound like something I'd be interested in. As long as the company is good, I'm fairly certain I could have fun doing just about anything.

The boys had plans to gamble of course, so we wandered into "Canoes Cabaret" in search of drinks and dancing. I had no idea that we were going dancing, or I would have worn dancing shoes. There was a cover band playing, dressed in matching black button ups with white suit-vests and white trousers. The lead singer was stout and sweaty and his vest seemed as though it were visibly straining to contain him. The music was terrible, but reasonably danceable. It was clear, however, that we were not in Seattle anymore. It was like stumbling onto a tiny island populated by all the worst parts of the Midwest. Being on the reservation meant smoking indoors was allowed, scantily clad cougars and skinny girls with trashy tattoos abounded, I was constantly being asked for high fives from douchey boys or chatted up by exceedingly creepy old men. Fortunately, traveling in a small pack of friends creates a sort of force-field which is virtually impenetrable by all things douche. Anyway, it was a good time, despite the location. Like I said - anything can be fun in the right company.

Today I am on a mission to purchase a food processor so that I can nerd out in all my foodie glory. So far, I've done really well with my decision not to purchase a microwave. I don't miss it at all, and my leftovers aren't pumped full of strange tasting little micro-waves. But I am missing a few key kitchen essentials, like the aforementioned food processor, a cheese grater, and I could totally go for a waffle iron, as I enjoy waffles much more than pancakes.

I had also planned to order a subscription to Gourmet magazine this week, but was disappointed to discover that Gourmet no longer exists. They still have a website, but the magazine itself went out of print at the end of 2009. Sadness. They instead refer you to Bon Appetite, which I suppose is fine, except that I don't feel it comes anywhere near the awesomeness that was Gourmet. Mostly, it's the photography. Gourmet had stunning food photography, and Bon Appetite just can't compare. I ended up dropping by Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon to pick through the other foodie publications available, and I think I've found an acceptable replacement: Fine Cooking. The photography is lush and mouth-watering, the articles are interesting, and the recipes are inspiring and approachable. Already, I have all sorts of new creations to try. This month's issue features nooooodles! Nom!

Now, if only I could master my digital camera. I might be able to start posting some sexy food porn of my own. ;)

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Janieac said...

I love you. You are such a ginormo DORK!

Hehehe ... I can't believe I'm so out of the loop on your blogs. Fortunately, we email alot. ;)