Monday, May 3, 2010

159. Working Out The Details

Two weeks left - I'm down to the wire on my living alone. I've enjoyed having my own space, though I think I'm getting pretty tired of it. The boredom has been both maddening and good for my creativity at the same time, but I miss having a reason to go home besides letting the dog out or needing a nap.

Last night the fantastic blonde bought his plane ticket. His one-way, "I'm coming to Seattle to stay, and I'm not leaving unless you come with me" plane ticket. He's leaving his car and pretty much everything else he owns behind for now, and will share my space until I get laid off in September.
Excitement would be an understatement...I'm actually bouncing in my chair as I type.

I also have a new four-legged roommate, as of this weekend. I was doing fine with just the Frank-dog, but I missed the sound of soft little cat feet padding across the carpet (among a million other things). Some of those things can be replicated, and some will never come back. I hadn't planned on adopting a new cat at all, but I ended up bringing one home this weekend after stopping by the shelter just to visit.

(Muppet cat)

I named him Mayday because I adopted him on May 1st, and because the thought of him in a tiny bomber jacket and goggles made me giggle. He could easily be the character in a children's book about a feline fighter-pilot. His personality is very different from Salem's, but there are certain qualities that remind me of him at the same time. He has a nice way of easing the loss without feeling like a cheap imitation.

Unfortunately, I'm also severely allergic to him, much more than I have been to any cat in a long time, and this is made worse by the fact that he refuses to sleep anywhere but on top of my head. For now, my bedroom will unfortunately have to remain a cat-free zone.

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