Sunday, May 16, 2010

160. Arrival Impending.

Only four more days remain, and I think I've made the best of my last weekend alone.

-Hung out in my bathroom texting my best friend.
-Vegged out to a mini Lost marathon with a bottle of wine and woke up the next morning on my couch.
-Downsized my closet and organized my bathroom storage in preparation to share my space.
-Played fetch with Frank in the park.
-Went on a completely unplanned shopping spree for new summery clothes.
-Took lengthy naps in a sunny bedroom.
-Practiced my viola.
-Took Frank to the dog beach where I spent some time staring out at the sea, watching the sun set over the
mountains and reflecting on what I want from life.
-Had breakfast with Soren and then took the dogs to Marymoor for adventures in tall grass.
-Went grocery shopping.
-Made a pot of stoup (stew/soup, anything goes).
-Daydreamed about the future.
-Bought the new CocoRosie album...lovely!
-And now I'm going to go burn a little steam at the gym before bed.

I think I'm ready.


Lexi-Lupa said...

I LOVE CocoRosie!

Janieac said...

Good to know, jinbo.

I swear, this is why I don't allow comments anymore; too much spamming anymore. Plus, I don't write much these days.



Super Milk-Chan said...

Pushy chap, wasn't he? Usually they're Asian porn. :P