Tuesday, June 15, 2010

165. A Broken Camera & An Abandoned House

As if being plagued by a malfunctioning camera weren't enough to destroy most of my shots from the abandoned house, my favorite photolab had to have a go at it too. I was relieved to find the slides themselves came out ok, including a decent couple of portraits I was actually very happy with. The lab's scanner was off center though, causing most of the images on my disc to be part of one image and part another. Unintentional diptychs. Sorta neato, actually, if the images were better.

Anyway, I was able to crop a few of the ok-ish ones, and I thought I'd go ahead and post them for you to see, since I went on and on about the house.

The living room:

View from the second floor looking down on the center of the house (note the 8 tracks sitting on the record player):

Found on the floor of one of the bedrooms:

View of the pool from a broken second story window (see the tv's?):

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Lexi-Lupa said...

8-tracks! Ahhh, sweet memories of youth. I love the one with the rocking horse too.