Saturday, December 31, 2011

204. New Year's Eve, Day. 12:27pm

2011...went by really really quickly. Wow. I feel like I blinked, and that was it. Done.

As for resolutions, I have none. But I do have a dog who looks deeply depressed that we haven't gone on a walk in a week. That won't do at all, so I will spend my last afternoon of the year walking around Forest Park, and hopefully taking a few photos. Tonight, I'll ring in the new year at Mad Art Gallery with my wizard, 2 fabulous friends, some bad dancing, and a lot of champagne.

Not a bad way to end a year, if you ask me. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

203. Christmas Aftermath

I skipped work today in lieu of staying in and collecting myself after a very hectic Christmas weekend. Friday night, the Wizard and I finished wrapping gifts and made latkes with pork chops for dinner. (Not very Kosher. I know.) Latkes turned out to be much easier to make than I had anticipated, and tasted very very delicious. Ours were blended with onions, seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary, and topped with a homemade apple puree. Nom!

Saturday we spent Christmas Eve with his family, Sunday with my family, and Sunday night with friends from out of town. Even though I got in a couple jogs through the park, I still feel I have eaten nothing but sugar and fat-stuff for days (which is true). We also received a lot more gifts than we know what to do with, so we've been trying to find space for everything in the teeny 2nd story pirate ship we call home.

Everything sort of caught up with me yesterday, because I spent the entire day oozing snot and sneezing non-stop. I slept all afternoon, while the Wizard concocted a fanTASTic chicken soup from scratch. We spent the evening curled up on the couch playing the Ratchet and Clank game he got me for Christmas, and watching Season 1 of Louie, which I got him for Christmas. I feel much better today, fortunately (except for the fact that my pants feel a bit tight, that is).

All I want to do is crawl into bed and hibernate for the rest of the winter, but the fridge is empty, the house is a mess, and I still have to find a dress to wear on New Year's Eve. Sleep will have to wait.

Post Script*
I forgot to post photos of how my Design 1 final turned out. Such a tease, to only show you the work in progress. This is it. It's a 3 dimensional recreation of a cubist still life by Roy Lichtenstein. Acrylic on 1/4" birch plywood. The first shot was taken during our in-class critique, the second after it had been hung in the hallway of the art building on display.

 There are a lot of mistakes and things I wish I had done differently, but overall, I feel pretty satisfied. I've never made anything even close to something like this before. I think we're going to hang it over our dining room table, after I touch up a couple of spots that could use some work.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

202. Study Breaks

I have spent whole day. Working on my research paper, and I feel like I am to the point of squeezing blood from a marshmallow. Which is to say, marshmallows don't bleed. So in the spirit of blood colored things, here is a girl drinking wine and trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich.
 Thanks, Joey!

By the way, if you enjoyed these shenanigans, she has more

Friday, December 2, 2011

201. Friday Art Nite

So I was thinking of starting a new little featurette of sorts, on occasion, reviewing wines and other beverages I come across. Wine especially, for its dearness to my heart, but also because I frequently cannot remember the names of those I really fell for. In which case, it would selfishly be more of a catalog for my own use, but hopefully you'll like it too.

Tonight is art-nite in the Galley, the name we've given our silly two room apartment (or three, if you count the bathroom) for its strange resemblance to a ship sailing amongst the second-floor trees. I'm frantically trying to piece together my Design 1 final, and the wizard has been playing with this hilarious concept for a bust of PlaqueMan. (*PlaqueMan being the nemesis in the dental hygiene show my boy stars in...long story with a lot of copyright restrictions and whatnot, I'm sure.)

Anyway, he's come up with this modeling clay made from baking soda, corn starch and water, which he is now sculpting with, and will hopefully use to make a silicon mold from. Once the mold exists, he hopes to melt a lot of donated Halloween candy into it and let it harden in a sort of melty monstrosity...

And for my assignment, a three dimensional sort of relief recreating a cubist painting. I chose a Lichtenstein, and am attempting to make it out of 1/4" birch plywood. So far so good, but it's definitely more than I should have bitten off for a lower level art class.

The evening has looked a bit like this:

Primer, dough, chunks of wood, and a bottle of wine. It's a delightful mess!

That brings me to the wine. I love the wine. It's a French import, from my favorite wine store in St. Louis, 33. I asked for an earthy sort of dry red, in the $20 range, and this is what I got:

From the back label, "Mas des Dames, or Farm of the Ladies, is hidden in the hills behind the ancient Mediterranean city of Beziers. Celebrated for its three generations of beautiful daughters, the Mas has 32 acres of old vines parceled into small plots along the contours of its hillside. The owners hand-harvest Grenache (50%), Carignan (30%) and Syrah (20%) to make this deliciously supple southern French wine, filled with alluring scents of wild herbs."

What I love about 33 is that they store their wines at the correct temperature, as my pal Nelle was quick to point out when she first introduced us to the place. It's amazing the difference that it makes, compared to room temperature bottle you'd snag at the grocery store on your way home. The Wizard and I decanted this one for about 30 minutes while we made ourselves a Thai-wanna-be dinner of coconut rice topped with rockfish, onion and apples, in a soy sauce, dark sesame oil, and crushed red pepper sort of concoction. Dinner was delicious, but the wine had to wait until afterward. It wasn't purchased with the intention of complimenting the food; I wanted it to stand all on its own.

It was described to me as "barn-yardy", but I'm really not a fan of that description. It makes me think of peed on hay and manure smells...not something I want to drink.

This wine is earthy, herby, and intensely flavored with dark fruit. Maybe like dried raspberry, or more likely, dried blackberry. It's very dry, but in a good way. Possibly more of a medium body than full, but definitely leaning toward full. Immediately drinkable, the tannins are balanced and smooth.
We loved.
After tax it came to $20.60, I believe, which is more than I normally feel good about spending, but I was splurging and this one didn't disappoint. Give it a try, if you get the chance.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

200. And, Panic


Sunday, November 20, 2011

199. Thankfully, Thanksgiving is Thursday

Howdy. It's been a while. How are you?

I've been busy like a bee makin' bee-stuff. My first semester back in school is almost over, and I'm rushing around trying to get everything done that I'm supposed to do. Unfortunately, it's been so hectic that I actually missed an online quiz I was supposed to take for English on Friday. I've worked really hard to get all of my homework done and turned in early, and this one little thing has dropped me from a solid A to a low B. I sobbed my guts out over it this morning, because it was completely through my own oversight, and there isn't enough time left in the semester to be able to get my A back. I realize that crying over a B seems excessive, but I was so excited to have straight A's. I couldn't wait to see a 4.0 GPA on my transcript. I've really come to embrace my nerdiness, I think, and I was especially looking forward to making the dean's list.
Anyway, I emailed my professor to see if there's anything else I could do to make it up, but I don't expect him to help me out. He seems like he's pretty strict about everything.

That brings me to the thankfulness part, however. Thanksgiving is probably my very favorite holiday, though I love any excuse to gather in good company and enjoy fabulous food and drinks. I mean, who doesn't? Fall is also my favorite season for a billion reasons, but mostly because nestling into a cozy house and making time to enjoy the best things in life is incredibly satisfying on so many levels.

My brother and his girlfriend are in town from Alaska for a couple of weeks, before they head to Peru for adventures. Last night they came down to the city to have drinks, and we stayed up most of the night listening to music, playing with cameras and laughing ourselves half to death.The Wizard and I made a big breakfast of bacon and eggs and biscuits this morning before they headed off.
I wish I could live closer to my brother, or at least that we would get to visit each other more often. We always have the best time hanging out. Having a pretty talented photographer for a brother is great too, because you always end up with a photo or two that makes you feel really good about yourself.

After they left, I discovered the sudden drop in my English grade, and I was so crushed that I didn't know what to do with myself. But I am super fortunate to have a truly supportive boyfriend, who scooped me up and hugged me until I couldn't be upset about it anymore. And the more I thought about that, the more thankful I felt in general. Actually, if Thursday is Thankful, then maybe today is Sappy Sunday, because I've had a serious case of the warm fuzzies all day. I think that I really love my life. And I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging about it, but I feel so happy lately, I feel like it's worth a post to say so. I am madly in love with a wonderful man, I get to spend the holidays with both our families, I have awesome friends, a great little apartment, and I really love being in college. For once, I don't feel like anything is missing. I still have lots of aspirations and hopes for the future, of course, but I really think I like where I'm at right now.
It feels really nice.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

198. Pass the Calamine, Please

Friday, we ran away to Southern Illinois and went camping for a couple of nights. It was the best time, with hiking and studying all sorts of fascinating moths, campfire cooking, and playing in the woods. It was only after I got home and showered that I began to discover the chiggers. At first, I thought they were tiny ticks, but no... There are some mosquito bites mixed in, too, and I think I found a few dots of poison ivy between my fingers this morning. My back and stomach are covered in so many little red dots that I look like I have the pox.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

197. Arts & Maths

This may be the first night that I've had nothing to do in several weeks. By nothing, I mean I still have homework, but I have no obligatory places to be, annnnd I'm home alone to enjoy it. Except for Frank-dog, who is sitting at my feet staring at me and shaking because I haven't had time to take him for a walk or a jog in too long. And also the cat. He doesn't really leave, even though I keep telling him to get a job so he can pay me the rent he owes me. I've been covering his half of groceries for over a year now.

School is going really well. Amazingly, I have an A in Algebra so far. I've only been dreading it forever, and then it turns out to be my favorite class of the semester. I wish I could say that about my Design I class, but so far it's been incredibly dull. My teacher doesn't speak the best English, so he spends lengthy periods of time making us watch him scribble examples on a piece of paper and saying, "Prease feerl free". Which I find adorable, because he reminds me of a young Mr. Miyagi...if Mr. Miyagi had longer hair and taught summer school in Venice, California so that he could surf in his off hours. But his class is BO-RING.

Anyway, we've been working on black and white line drawings, which we create by tracing a landscape photograph with black pens. I decided that if I was going to use a landscape photo, it may as well be one of my own. This was done over one I took when we stopped in Rodeo, NM a couple of years ago, during my week long tour of Arizona with my brother. It could be a lot better, but I'm not completely unhappy with it.

I also finally got around to renewing my Flickr account, so I've started uploading some things there again. Most of what I have to show for myself lately is from my iPhone, but I'm hoping to make use of my dslr while we're camping this weekend. SO LONG AS IT DOES NOT RAIN. It rained all day today. Fingers crossed.

Random music video time! This band is fantastic. Have some.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

196. Sick

Several days ago, my boy came home carrying a wretched cold. He begged me not to kiss him, but I did anyway. Now we both have the thing, and have been oozing and sneezing so much, I am actually on my third box of Kleenexes. Though I guess it would really be more like two and a half, since the first box was travel sized.

Anyway, after days of intensive product testing, I believe that I've come upon the perfect new slogan for those gentle souls at Kleenex, Inc.

I'm not really sure why the file degraded so much on upload...Blogger doesn't always seem to like jpegs.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

195. Please Stop Beating That Dead Unicorn.

The following is a list of things I feel have gotten a bit overdone, and I believe that it's time we gave them a rest. Please feel free to add any others you think I missed in the comments section below.

1. Ninjas
2. Pirates
3. Moustaches
4. Typography as art (@ & !)
4. Unicorns
5. Octopuses
6. Bacon
7. Zombies
8. Snuggies
9. "Keep calm and carry on"
10. Cupcakes

Sunday, August 21, 2011

194. Eep!

Classes start tomorrow! I'm a college student [again]!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

193. The Not-So-Little Mermaid

My Tinkerbell gig turned out to be a book signing at a public library. It seems that Mr. Dave Barry teamed up with Mr. Ridley Pearson sometime ago and began writing a sort of Peter Pan spin-off, which they titled the Peter and the Starcatchers series.

Currently, they're on tour to promote the release of book 5.
I didn't find out any of this until the day before, when I showed up to try on my costume. Which, I realized as it was being handed to me, was not Tinkerbell, but a mermaid instead. I had been replaced by a 16 year old who fit the part of Tinkerbell quite a bit better, being that she was much smaller and more spritely than me, and had a much larger attitude.

Not that I was upset. I was getting paid either way, and mermaids are pretty neat-o. So my entire purpose was to sit on a "treasure chest" in front of a pirate ship backdrop and have my photo taken with kids. Not bad, right? This turned out to be even easier than I expected, because almost no one wanted to have their photo taken with the mermaid. They were too busy harassing the mechanical toucan which was voiced by my wizard from behind a curtain. Which left me plenty of time to sit flipping my tail and imagining myself as Darryl Hannah in Splash, sans the blonde hair.

Tinkerbell spent most of the evening dramatically complaining to me that 1) she had a party to go to, and 2) the fluorescent lights were giving her a migraine. And just because these sorts of things are rarely ever without some complication, a little old lady informed the staff she thought her husband had died, because according to her, he'd fallen asleep in his chair and wouldn't respond. By the time the ambulance got there he was fine.

We wrapped up by 8, Tinkerbell dashed off to her party, the wizard and I picked up Cliffy and made it to Denny's party where we gorged on a spread of brats and cheese and brownies, and everyone lived happily ever after. The END.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

192. August 11, 2011

I'm not sure how I magically stumbled into the world of dressing up in costumes for money, but I've been booked for my second "gig"/photo-op/strolling thing on Saturday.

Ok, that isn't true, I do know how. I begged my wizard-boyfriend to talk his boss-friend into hiring me for weekendy ventures. I always need extra money, and frankly, being paid $50 an hour to sweat my ass off inside a panda suit is sort of like a dream come true. I get to enjoy the thrill of "acting" without having to memorize any lines or worry about getting stage fright because I'm afraid everyone is staring at me. They aren't staring at me, they're staring at a giant panda wearing red high-top sneakers.

All I have to do on Saturday is dress up like Tinkerbell and have my picture taken with kids. Seriously, it's like I'm getting paid to go out on Halloween. HEE HEE!!!

I'm just curious to see how bad the costume is at my fitting tomorrow...
I kind of wish I could make my own.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

191. Heat Wave

It's been about 100 degrees for what seems like a month now...I don't want to hold my breath, but the heat wave seems to have finally broken over the past day or so.

To celebrate (and because it's been stuck in my head all day), Marilyn Monroe performing Heat Wave in "No Business Like Show Business":

Friday, August 5, 2011

190. Skate or Die / Skate to Die

Sticks and stones may break your bones (if you happen to roller skate over them).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

189. The Dog

my neighbor's dog is barking.
No, shrieking.

For the first several months,
I didn't mind.
My own dog is guilty
of alerting me to imaginary burglars
at my door.

But this dog...
This scabby, wretched thing.
"Allergies", she tells me.
Anxiety, I suspect,
but keep my diagnosis to myself.

I might have found it endearing,
if that were all.
If it were quiet.

But it is NEVER quiet.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

188. A Nagging Sensation

All day long I busy myself
Pushing anxiety down
into a well
inside myself
like a well made
in a heap
of flour
into which milk
is poured
and stirred
until biscuit dough appears.

I try my best not to think
a million thoughts
at once
against one another
en masse;
the peloton,
for my attention.

I am mostly successful.

But at night when I am
my dog quietly pressing
himself into my side,
my insides
gnaw at themselves
as my
fall prey to the
absentminded wanderings
of my teeth.
I never seem to have
enough band-aids,
yet somehow,
I always have more fingers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

187. Bukowski

"another hot summer night as I sit here
and play at being a writer
and the worst thing
of course
is that the words will never
truly break through for any of

There was a time when I wanted to be a writer. I think I probably still do, but more than that, I feel like that stone everyone's always trying to squeeze blood out of. All those little fuses of creativity keep firing into space or missing their connections, so that I can't make any sense amidst the chaos.

Every day for 8 hours I sit in a cubicle, so busy I don't take breaks and usually cut my lunch short. But the work is mindless enough that I spend those 8 hours dreaming up all sorts of ideas and looking forward to 5:00 so I can trot home and get started. I even keep a stenographer's notebook at my desk to scribble things down in, yet my motivation hardly ever survives the drive home. By the time I get here, I'm so frustrated/depressed/tired/hungry that nothing happens at all. I want to scream. It feels like my own stagnation will swallow me whole and I'm not sure how much more of this town and its 100 degree summer I can stand.

Pacing my bedroom, I pass my bookcase for the fiftieth time, when a red and white binding jumps out at me. I remember Charles Bukowski. And that grizzled old bastard gives me just the encouragement I need.

"writing has been my fountain
of youth,
my whore,
my love,
my gamble.

the gods have spoiled me.

yet look, I am still
for writing about a
writer's block
is better than not writing
at all."

Friday, July 8, 2011

186. As Jellyfish

Crook of your neck
Thief of my heart
Pearlescent skin
To feast my eyes
We forget ourselves
Drifting as jellyfish
On a tender sea
Fragile things
In a careful dance
Each of us our poisons
Lying just below the surface

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

185. Summer in the City

It is nearly July, and so far, I'm surviving my first mid-western summer better than I expected.

The new apartment has a pretty massive balcony with morning sun, so the wizard and I begun to dabble in container gardening. My previous experiences in growing plants have not ended well. I always manage to kill whatever it is, and the one time I didn't, a squirrel did it for me. But this time things are going much better. Our basil and mint are out of control. We also have window boxes of cherry tomatoes, and a couple of pots sprouting cilantro.

To my delight, it's also been storming quite a bit. Here's the one that rained out Shakespeare in the Park last weekend...

It was too bad; the show was very funny, and we didn't even make it through the first act. But it was lots of fun having a picnic dinner in the park with wine, and ending up under a tarp hiding from hail.

Afterward we tagged along to the cast party, where we watched a room full of wet Shakespearean actors perform their favorite bits and pieces of the show over appetizers and beer.

The next day we rode our bikes down to watch the Pride parade and hang out with some friends at the park. It was hot-hot-hot and sweaty, but there was lemonade in the shade. And drag queens! Then it was home to make ourselves spring rolls for dinner. They were so easy! Why doesn't everyone eat homemade spring rolls all the time? It's beyond me.

I found the rice paper wrappers at our neighborhood international market for something like $3.00. Just a quick dip in warm water, and then you roll up whatever you like. Ours were full of rice, ginger/lime sauteed shrimp, green onion, grated carrots, beans sprouts and cilantro. I made a super quick dipping sauce out of chili paste, soy sauce, a little dijon mustard, and a bit of rice wine vinegar.

Next up: Plans for the 4th. I have a 3 day weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

184. LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!

I AM ON THE INTERNET!!! IN MY OWN HOME!!! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

For the first time in three abodes, I have internet. Internet that is mine, in my house, that I am using. For me. MINE.
Well...ours. Right. Sharing is fun for people who sleep together. Which we do.

In other news since last we met, I live in that apartment from the previous post. I have a new job which does not suck at all (except for the commute, which is long) and slightly better pay. Also, I am starting college [again] in 2 months, and I actually picked a major this time [graphic design]. So. That's that.

Missed you!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

183. New Apartment!

The wizard and I just put down our deposit on a new apartment this week! At 800 sq feet it may be small, but feels cozy rather than cramped, and I like the neighborhood. It's the perfect abode for your typical hipster/creative types that we grudgingly acknowledge we are.

Wood floors, exposed brick walls, with two purple-tinted windows in the living room! The living room is really sort of a "great room" I suppose, being that it shares the same space as the kitchen/dining area. It's a lovely kitchen full of granite counter tops and lots of cabinet space.

We can start moving in as soon as we pay the rest of the deposit, which I hope will be by next weekend (pending our applications being approved, that is). Things are looking up!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

182. It Finally Happened.

Someone actually hired me. A real job, with real, full time hours, and benefits, and a M-F daytime shift. It even pays a little more than what I'm making.
Best of all, I don't have to talk to customers ANY MORE. I get to sit at a computer, and type type type, and listen to my headphones.

So yeah. IN YER FACE CURRENT JOB! I have a new job!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

181. A Very Bad Cake

Recently I think I might have mentioned something about being really excited to try making this Clementine Cake from Nigella's "How To Eat" cookbook. If I didn't, I'm sorry for remembering things I thought I might have said, but didn't. Sometimes I confuse my internal and external monologues.

Anyway, I decided to try and make it Friday night for what was supposed to be a very chic dinner party I planned for Saturday night. Unfortunately, I remain a disaster when it comes to cakes and often cookies too, and the following is what happened...

It began by boiling a bunch of seedless clementines for round of abouts 2 hours. At this point, I am excited, and enamored with how pretty they are as they bob around in the pan. Who boils clementines? That's ingenius!!!

After two very long hours, during which I check on the progress of the clementines every few minutes for fear they may burst open and explode orangey-goo all over my kitchen, they come to rest on a plate, like so:

The next step involved pureeing all of those lovely clementines, pulp and all, in a food processor. Then there was some addition of white sugar and baking powder, and grinding just over two cups of almonds. The problem was, I only bought one bag of almonds, which came to right around 1 and 1/2 cups or something?

At this realization, I panic for a moment. It's probably 11:30pm, I've had a cocktail or two, and certainly do not feel like driving myself BACK to the grocery store for this one thing I forgot. Looking around my kitchen, I discover a bag of coconut flakes in my freezer. Thank goodness! Filler!!!

Ok, so fingers crossed. We mix all of this nonsense together and dump it into my bundt cake pan. Only, upon doing so, I realize the recipe specifically calls for a springform pan, because THIS CAKE IS DELICATE. Oops.

Ah, well. What are you going to do, right? Let's just bake it and see what happens.

By the time it was done baking, around 1? I am tired. I want to sleep. And cakeykins actually crumbles into a billion pieces upon removing it from the pan. I decide that the best course of action is to take the destroyed mess of cake and mash it into an 8 inch square pan, then bake some more. Yes yes, I realize I am an idiot. Why did you not fully absorb the instructions before attempting to bake? Why did you decide to proceed, knowing you did not own a springform pan? To you I say this: FOR SCIENCE!!! But admittedly, I am an idiot who is not good at baking.

Anyway, it came out looking like cheesy hashbrowns, which I wasn't about to serve to my guests. I scrapped the idea and handed the pan to my Wizard, who spent the day picking at it and making happy sounds with his mouth full. I guess it tasted pretty ok, even if it was totally smashed and not pretty at all. I was so disenchanted, I forgot to photo the final product until days later. Today, actually.


Saturday I ended up making an amazing lemon mousse that I've made before, and completely recommend. Why I can master custard and not a freaking cake, don't ask me. Top that with berries (fresh or frozen) and maybe a shortbread cookie. You'll love it, I promise.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

180. In Which I Have A Very Large Headache

Days off are my favorite. They should really happen more often.

Yesterday was a particularly awesome day off, because I think I got to do everything I love except go riding. It's probably for the best, since going riding would have made yesterday so perfect, my head probably would have exploded from trying to take it all in.

It began with making oatmeal Belgian waffles for breakfast. I topped them with blueberry jam and shared bites with my dog while playing a game of Civilization in my jammies. Afterward, I practiced my viola, which is something I should really do much more often because I still suck.

Sometime around noon I finally decided to shower, and then took Frank for a nice walk through the ghetto to take in a little fresh air and graffiti. My neighborhood is especially fun to walk in because there are so many things to look at. First there's the architecture - mostly brick buildings dating from the late 1800's. Many of them are being rehabbed and look very nice, but just as many have the windows knocked out or boarded up, with vines and things growing all over them. I can never decide which I like better. The decay is really sort of beautiful. Then of course the various dogs and cats we find, the vacant lots turned trash pile villages for free-range chickens, the alleyways full of sinks and mattresses... Adventure!

In the afternoon, I took the new laptop to my favorite coffee shop around the corner in order to use their internets and eat a cookie. So now the laptop has iTunes, and I am finally able to back up my iPhone. Hoo-ray!

My bestie came over for dinner and is eating for two, so I got to cook a little more. I've been enamored with eggplants lately, and decided to try a Nigella Lawson recipe for Moussaka from her book How To Eat. Topped with mint and a little sour cream, and sopped up with crusty French bread! Delicious! Definitely making it again.

Now here comes the part about the headache:
After my bestie went home (around 7:30 because she tires quickly of too much fun these days), the wizard and I decided it would be best to finish off as much wine as possible. By 10 I was rather sloshy and decided that I was in the mood to fingerpaint. The only squishie sort of paint I have is a bottle of black fabric paint that I bought a long time ago with the intention of making a Rorschach t-shirt for myself. I ruined the shirt by using too much paint, and didn't have enough money to try again.

I spread out all over the living room floor pretending to myself that I was a great Japanese calligraphy artist, smearing black paint on every scrap of paper I had.

At some point, I ran out of paper, and started painting on myself. When I decided I was coated enough, I went to wash up, and ended up very drunkenly fingerpainting the bathroom wall.

As you can see, it is no masterpiece, but it was terribly fun.
And tonight I get to paint it back.

Monday, March 7, 2011

179. Monday, Served Grey and Cold

I feel like posting, but I don't really have anything interesting to say at the moment. Have some iPhone photos instead! These are from my Instagram feed, so if you follow me there, sorry for the repeat. If not, you can follow me @BadPonee, and we can be hipster photo-nerds together! Muah!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

178. Texting with Strangers

A few nights ago, I was sitting around watching tv with the boy when I received this photo via text from some person in San Francisco:

I like when things like this happen, so I decided to reply.
Me: HI!!!!! You guys look like you're having FUN!!! What are you DOING?! Where is this?

SF: now who is sorry!

Me: Your mom?

SF: its your shower..right?

Me: I prefer baths, actually.

SF: my mother aint here no moe!
SF: do i have yhe wrong#

Me: Moe really isn't a flattering name for a's probably for the best she changed it.

SF: you miss your callin my niggah!

Me: No I didn't! I had it on vibrate.

SF: please go to bed...hope for your ever lasting dirt nap!

Me: It's things like this that make me love you.
( response)
Me: Are we friends? I hope we are friends.

(At this point she decides to call me, but of course I do not answer because that would have been awkward. She also does not leave a voicemail.)

SF: i think i dial da wrong number..sorry mr not funny!

Me: I'm a girl. :( And I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.
Me: We're still friends, right?

SF: i dail the wrong number....
SF: great sense of humor

Me: Aw! We are friends!

SF: now..lets become freind..who da hell is you..r you hot?

(What kind of question is that to ask a new friend?)

Me: Not so hot. It's February.

After that the responses got really boring and I lost interest, so I'm not even going to bother posting the rest.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

177. Fun with Watercolors

Every time I visit my parent's house, I am sent home with some random item (or five). The other day I was helping my mom arrange the seemingly endless boxes of art supplies she has sitting in her basement, and ended up leaving with two small trays of watercolors, which, I'm guessing have been down there for at least 15 years, probably longer. I think I may even own watercolors already, but the fact that these sat on my coffee table staring at me for at least a week resulted in my eventual experimentation with them.

I've always wanted to learn to paint, but I have yet to get around to doing much about it. And if I were going to learn, watercolors would have been my last choice. They've always struck me as fairly boring, since the only pictures you ever see with them are streams and water mills and fields of flowers.

...Actually, that's not true.
My wizard made me a mix cd last year when I came to visit, with a rad watercolor cover of a shark surrounded in the ghosts from Pac Man. [Inside joke...we're dumb.] But that was the first time I ever thought of them as anything other than old lady-ish.

The last time I was at my parent's house, I was picking through a copy of Artist's Magazine that my mom had lying around. In it, was an article about a watercolor artist named Ali Cavanaugh who I've fallen head, toes, and tea-kettle over. The magazine ended up going home with me, so I've been pouring over the pictures of her watercolors every morning at breakfast.

No drab puddles on wrinkled paper, just vibrant colors and silly socks, fantastic enough to inspire my doodlings for the foreseeable future.
[Click here to read the full article]

Thursday, February 10, 2011

176. Thursday/Schmursday

My fruitless job hunt continues. I have now lost track of how many times I have re-written my cover letter in an effort to make it more concise. I remain very happy with the quality of my resume, and cannot find any further ways to tweak it. Neither can anyone else I ask for feedback.

That should seem promising, except that I'm not getting any worthwhile interview requests out of it. I rarely get a reply to an application, and those I do hear from turn out to be either suspicious or low-paying. Sometimes both. In the past week I have turned down two interviews based on the fact that they asked me to bring a copy of my credit report to the interview and then side-stepped my request for more information about the company.

That's what I get for responding to Craigslist ads, I suppose. Usually, I make a point to only apply directly through nice, legitimate, company-run websites, but a girl can only take so many "Thanks for your interest, but the position has been filled" emails.

I did have two interviews this week with a department store. Interview #1 seemed ok, but I don't think #2 went well at all. I'm sure it wouldn't have even paid very well, so it's not like I'm that broken up about it. But I do feel pretty pathetic that I can't even seem to nail a measly retail interview. My confidence is getting rather bruised these days. Something resembling week-old bananas.

Monday, January 10, 2011

175. And, breathe.

We moved in to our new apartment-condo-thing over three months ago, and I think we're finally, finally settling in.

The Christmas tree came down on Monday. Late, I know, but it was our first tree together, and really pretty, and sort of helped ease us into the new year after nearly two months of whirlwind moving/working/celebrating. We had both gotten really attached to it and decided to let it stay until we were ready to move on.
Don't worry, it was fake. I'm not the sort of girl who hangs on to rotting plants and old tin cans because I can't bear to throw them out.

I'm still looking for a better job, while the boy is basically working four; two part-time, and then a couple of paid acting gigs that are each working out to about 3-4 shows a month. It's been a bit stressful, but it's also been strangely fun. It's forced me to be creative, and simplify my life at the same time. Instead of buying frivolous stuff I'll use once and toss in a closet, I give every purchase careful consideration. I only bring home the things I really want or need, and as a result, I have all but eliminated buyer's regret. Neat!

And maybe it's because I'm 29, and that's the time that grey hairs start to populate one's head anyway, but lately I've been noticing quite a few around my temples. They're still hidden under the upper layers of my hair, so I doubt anyone would even notice but me. My hair is light enough that they look more like little blondies until you get right up on top of them.
But I know they're there.
I would blame stress, except that I rarely feel stressed about anything for more than a day. The funny thing is, I thought I would be upset to be going grey and run straight out to the drugstore for a box of dye, but I'm not. I'm sort of secretly delighted by them.
So long as I don't have to have wrinkles too. :P

Saturday, January 1, 2011

174. On New Year's Day

Hi. How have you been? It's been a while, no? Ah, well. What better time to start again than on the first of the year.

I'm not a big resolution person, so instead I've decided to make some goals for 2011. Resolutions are just silly promises to yourself anyway, and most of them involve not letting yourself pig out on cookies so much anymore. Too easy to break.

This year, I would like to end up in a better financial situation, and the only way I can really see to do that is to find a better paying job. We've settled into the city living lifestyle really nicely since moving back to StL, and overall, I'm having an awesome time. All except the part about barely being able to make our rent and having no money to do anything outside the barest of necessities. I really miss taking riding and viola lessons, and I really want to be able to travel.
So that's goal #1. New job, asap.

My second goal is a little trickier, I think. I started taking theater classes when I was in junior high, to try and get past this paralyzing stage fright I have. I loved being involved in productions and I liked the weirdos I met doing it, so I tried to major in it during my first attempt at college. I didn't get to finish, and then I moved away and blah blah blah. Excuses. Anyway, I'm feeling braver, or maybe I just like to torment myself, but that's goal #2.
Get cast in a play.

Either fairly ambitious, or really simple to accomplish...I'm not sure which yet. We'll see.