Monday, January 10, 2011

175. And, breathe.

We moved in to our new apartment-condo-thing over three months ago, and I think we're finally, finally settling in.

The Christmas tree came down on Monday. Late, I know, but it was our first tree together, and really pretty, and sort of helped ease us into the new year after nearly two months of whirlwind moving/working/celebrating. We had both gotten really attached to it and decided to let it stay until we were ready to move on.
Don't worry, it was fake. I'm not the sort of girl who hangs on to rotting plants and old tin cans because I can't bear to throw them out.

I'm still looking for a better job, while the boy is basically working four; two part-time, and then a couple of paid acting gigs that are each working out to about 3-4 shows a month. It's been a bit stressful, but it's also been strangely fun. It's forced me to be creative, and simplify my life at the same time. Instead of buying frivolous stuff I'll use once and toss in a closet, I give every purchase careful consideration. I only bring home the things I really want or need, and as a result, I have all but eliminated buyer's regret. Neat!

And maybe it's because I'm 29, and that's the time that grey hairs start to populate one's head anyway, but lately I've been noticing quite a few around my temples. They're still hidden under the upper layers of my hair, so I doubt anyone would even notice but me. My hair is light enough that they look more like little blondies until you get right up on top of them.
But I know they're there.
I would blame stress, except that I rarely feel stressed about anything for more than a day. The funny thing is, I thought I would be upset to be going grey and run straight out to the drugstore for a box of dye, but I'm not. I'm sort of secretly delighted by them.
So long as I don't have to have wrinkles too. :P

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