Wednesday, February 23, 2011

178. Texting with Strangers

A few nights ago, I was sitting around watching tv with the boy when I received this photo via text from some person in San Francisco:

I like when things like this happen, so I decided to reply.
Me: HI!!!!! You guys look like you're having FUN!!! What are you DOING?! Where is this?

SF: now who is sorry!

Me: Your mom?

SF: its your shower..right?

Me: I prefer baths, actually.

SF: my mother aint here no moe!
SF: do i have yhe wrong#

Me: Moe really isn't a flattering name for a's probably for the best she changed it.

SF: you miss your callin my niggah!

Me: No I didn't! I had it on vibrate.

SF: please go to bed...hope for your ever lasting dirt nap!

Me: It's things like this that make me love you.
( response)
Me: Are we friends? I hope we are friends.

(At this point she decides to call me, but of course I do not answer because that would have been awkward. She also does not leave a voicemail.)

SF: i think i dial da wrong number..sorry mr not funny!

Me: I'm a girl. :( And I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.
Me: We're still friends, right?

SF: i dail the wrong number....
SF: great sense of humor

Me: Aw! We are friends!

SF: now..lets become freind..who da hell is you..r you hot?

(What kind of question is that to ask a new friend?)

Me: Not so hot. It's February.

After that the responses got really boring and I lost interest, so I'm not even going to bother posting the rest.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

177. Fun with Watercolors

Every time I visit my parent's house, I am sent home with some random item (or five). The other day I was helping my mom arrange the seemingly endless boxes of art supplies she has sitting in her basement, and ended up leaving with two small trays of watercolors, which, I'm guessing have been down there for at least 15 years, probably longer. I think I may even own watercolors already, but the fact that these sat on my coffee table staring at me for at least a week resulted in my eventual experimentation with them.

I've always wanted to learn to paint, but I have yet to get around to doing much about it. And if I were going to learn, watercolors would have been my last choice. They've always struck me as fairly boring, since the only pictures you ever see with them are streams and water mills and fields of flowers.

...Actually, that's not true.
My wizard made me a mix cd last year when I came to visit, with a rad watercolor cover of a shark surrounded in the ghosts from Pac Man. [Inside joke...we're dumb.] But that was the first time I ever thought of them as anything other than old lady-ish.

The last time I was at my parent's house, I was picking through a copy of Artist's Magazine that my mom had lying around. In it, was an article about a watercolor artist named Ali Cavanaugh who I've fallen head, toes, and tea-kettle over. The magazine ended up going home with me, so I've been pouring over the pictures of her watercolors every morning at breakfast.

No drab puddles on wrinkled paper, just vibrant colors and silly socks, fantastic enough to inspire my doodlings for the foreseeable future.
[Click here to read the full article]

Thursday, February 10, 2011

176. Thursday/Schmursday

My fruitless job hunt continues. I have now lost track of how many times I have re-written my cover letter in an effort to make it more concise. I remain very happy with the quality of my resume, and cannot find any further ways to tweak it. Neither can anyone else I ask for feedback.

That should seem promising, except that I'm not getting any worthwhile interview requests out of it. I rarely get a reply to an application, and those I do hear from turn out to be either suspicious or low-paying. Sometimes both. In the past week I have turned down two interviews based on the fact that they asked me to bring a copy of my credit report to the interview and then side-stepped my request for more information about the company.

That's what I get for responding to Craigslist ads, I suppose. Usually, I make a point to only apply directly through nice, legitimate, company-run websites, but a girl can only take so many "Thanks for your interest, but the position has been filled" emails.

I did have two interviews this week with a department store. Interview #1 seemed ok, but I don't think #2 went well at all. I'm sure it wouldn't have even paid very well, so it's not like I'm that broken up about it. But I do feel pretty pathetic that I can't even seem to nail a measly retail interview. My confidence is getting rather bruised these days. Something resembling week-old bananas.