Thursday, March 10, 2011

180. In Which I Have A Very Large Headache

Days off are my favorite. They should really happen more often.

Yesterday was a particularly awesome day off, because I think I got to do everything I love except go riding. It's probably for the best, since going riding would have made yesterday so perfect, my head probably would have exploded from trying to take it all in.

It began with making oatmeal Belgian waffles for breakfast. I topped them with blueberry jam and shared bites with my dog while playing a game of Civilization in my jammies. Afterward, I practiced my viola, which is something I should really do much more often because I still suck.

Sometime around noon I finally decided to shower, and then took Frank for a nice walk through the ghetto to take in a little fresh air and graffiti. My neighborhood is especially fun to walk in because there are so many things to look at. First there's the architecture - mostly brick buildings dating from the late 1800's. Many of them are being rehabbed and look very nice, but just as many have the windows knocked out or boarded up, with vines and things growing all over them. I can never decide which I like better. The decay is really sort of beautiful. Then of course the various dogs and cats we find, the vacant lots turned trash pile villages for free-range chickens, the alleyways full of sinks and mattresses... Adventure!

In the afternoon, I took the new laptop to my favorite coffee shop around the corner in order to use their internets and eat a cookie. So now the laptop has iTunes, and I am finally able to back up my iPhone. Hoo-ray!

My bestie came over for dinner and is eating for two, so I got to cook a little more. I've been enamored with eggplants lately, and decided to try a Nigella Lawson recipe for Moussaka from her book How To Eat. Topped with mint and a little sour cream, and sopped up with crusty French bread! Delicious! Definitely making it again.

Now here comes the part about the headache:
After my bestie went home (around 7:30 because she tires quickly of too much fun these days), the wizard and I decided it would be best to finish off as much wine as possible. By 10 I was rather sloshy and decided that I was in the mood to fingerpaint. The only squishie sort of paint I have is a bottle of black fabric paint that I bought a long time ago with the intention of making a Rorschach t-shirt for myself. I ruined the shirt by using too much paint, and didn't have enough money to try again.

I spread out all over the living room floor pretending to myself that I was a great Japanese calligraphy artist, smearing black paint on every scrap of paper I had.

At some point, I ran out of paper, and started painting on myself. When I decided I was coated enough, I went to wash up, and ended up very drunkenly fingerpainting the bathroom wall.

As you can see, it is no masterpiece, but it was terribly fun.
And tonight I get to paint it back.

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twilightgecko said...

ah, don't paint over it..