Thursday, April 7, 2011

183. New Apartment!

The wizard and I just put down our deposit on a new apartment this week! At 800 sq feet it may be small, but feels cozy rather than cramped, and I like the neighborhood. It's the perfect abode for your typical hipster/creative types that we grudgingly acknowledge we are.

Wood floors, exposed brick walls, with two purple-tinted windows in the living room! The living room is really sort of a "great room" I suppose, being that it shares the same space as the kitchen/dining area. It's a lovely kitchen full of granite counter tops and lots of cabinet space.

We can start moving in as soon as we pay the rest of the deposit, which I hope will be by next weekend (pending our applications being approved, that is). Things are looking up!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

182. It Finally Happened.

Someone actually hired me. A real job, with real, full time hours, and benefits, and a M-F daytime shift. It even pays a little more than what I'm making.
Best of all, I don't have to talk to customers ANY MORE. I get to sit at a computer, and type type type, and listen to my headphones.

So yeah. IN YER FACE CURRENT JOB! I have a new job!