Thursday, August 11, 2011

192. August 11, 2011

I'm not sure how I magically stumbled into the world of dressing up in costumes for money, but I've been booked for my second "gig"/photo-op/strolling thing on Saturday.

Ok, that isn't true, I do know how. I begged my wizard-boyfriend to talk his boss-friend into hiring me for weekendy ventures. I always need extra money, and frankly, being paid $50 an hour to sweat my ass off inside a panda suit is sort of like a dream come true. I get to enjoy the thrill of "acting" without having to memorize any lines or worry about getting stage fright because I'm afraid everyone is staring at me. They aren't staring at me, they're staring at a giant panda wearing red high-top sneakers.

All I have to do on Saturday is dress up like Tinkerbell and have my picture taken with kids. Seriously, it's like I'm getting paid to go out on Halloween. HEE HEE!!!

I'm just curious to see how bad the costume is at my fitting tomorrow...
I kind of wish I could make my own.

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