Wednesday, September 21, 2011

198. Pass the Calamine, Please

Friday, we ran away to Southern Illinois and went camping for a couple of nights. It was the best time, with hiking and studying all sorts of fascinating moths, campfire cooking, and playing in the woods. It was only after I got home and showered that I began to discover the chiggers. At first, I thought they were tiny ticks, but no... There are some mosquito bites mixed in, too, and I think I found a few dots of poison ivy between my fingers this morning. My back and stomach are covered in so many little red dots that I look like I have the pox.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

197. Arts & Maths

This may be the first night that I've had nothing to do in several weeks. By nothing, I mean I still have homework, but I have no obligatory places to be, annnnd I'm home alone to enjoy it. Except for Frank-dog, who is sitting at my feet staring at me and shaking because I haven't had time to take him for a walk or a jog in too long. And also the cat. He doesn't really leave, even though I keep telling him to get a job so he can pay me the rent he owes me. I've been covering his half of groceries for over a year now.

School is going really well. Amazingly, I have an A in Algebra so far. I've only been dreading it forever, and then it turns out to be my favorite class of the semester. I wish I could say that about my Design I class, but so far it's been incredibly dull. My teacher doesn't speak the best English, so he spends lengthy periods of time making us watch him scribble examples on a piece of paper and saying, "Prease feerl free". Which I find adorable, because he reminds me of a young Mr. Miyagi...if Mr. Miyagi had longer hair and taught summer school in Venice, California so that he could surf in his off hours. But his class is BO-RING.

Anyway, we've been working on black and white line drawings, which we create by tracing a landscape photograph with black pens. I decided that if I was going to use a landscape photo, it may as well be one of my own. This was done over one I took when we stopped in Rodeo, NM a couple of years ago, during my week long tour of Arizona with my brother. It could be a lot better, but I'm not completely unhappy with it.

I also finally got around to renewing my Flickr account, so I've started uploading some things there again. Most of what I have to show for myself lately is from my iPhone, but I'm hoping to make use of my dslr while we're camping this weekend. SO LONG AS IT DOES NOT RAIN. It rained all day today. Fingers crossed.

Random music video time! This band is fantastic. Have some.