Wednesday, September 21, 2011

198. Pass the Calamine, Please

Friday, we ran away to Southern Illinois and went camping for a couple of nights. It was the best time, with hiking and studying all sorts of fascinating moths, campfire cooking, and playing in the woods. It was only after I got home and showered that I began to discover the chiggers. At first, I thought they were tiny ticks, but no... There are some mosquito bites mixed in, too, and I think I found a few dots of poison ivy between my fingers this morning. My back and stomach are covered in so many little red dots that I look like I have the pox.


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Lexi-Lupa said...

My Darling Chan~ {when said like that we sound like old chums.} Let me tell you a story about a girl named Lexi. Lexi woke up one morning a few weeks ago to the blood-curdling scream of her mother and sister. To her dismay, they had both found bed bugs in their beds. Then Lexi found a bed bug partially eating her face. The next week was a blur of her entire duplex being emptied of all its' furniture and being steamed and fumigated. Not to mention, they all had to get new matresses! And they didn't have anywhere to sleep! It was jolly good fun! Let me tell you!

So, in conclusion, I sympathize with the chiggers. It totally sucks.


{ps: the captcha word is "diating", which may be a combination of dating and dieting. It'll be the craze of 2012!}