Sunday, November 20, 2011

199. Thankfully, Thanksgiving is Thursday

Howdy. It's been a while. How are you?

I've been busy like a bee makin' bee-stuff. My first semester back in school is almost over, and I'm rushing around trying to get everything done that I'm supposed to do. Unfortunately, it's been so hectic that I actually missed an online quiz I was supposed to take for English on Friday. I've worked really hard to get all of my homework done and turned in early, and this one little thing has dropped me from a solid A to a low B. I sobbed my guts out over it this morning, because it was completely through my own oversight, and there isn't enough time left in the semester to be able to get my A back. I realize that crying over a B seems excessive, but I was so excited to have straight A's. I couldn't wait to see a 4.0 GPA on my transcript. I've really come to embrace my nerdiness, I think, and I was especially looking forward to making the dean's list.
Anyway, I emailed my professor to see if there's anything else I could do to make it up, but I don't expect him to help me out. He seems like he's pretty strict about everything.

That brings me to the thankfulness part, however. Thanksgiving is probably my very favorite holiday, though I love any excuse to gather in good company and enjoy fabulous food and drinks. I mean, who doesn't? Fall is also my favorite season for a billion reasons, but mostly because nestling into a cozy house and making time to enjoy the best things in life is incredibly satisfying on so many levels.

My brother and his girlfriend are in town from Alaska for a couple of weeks, before they head to Peru for adventures. Last night they came down to the city to have drinks, and we stayed up most of the night listening to music, playing with cameras and laughing ourselves half to death.The Wizard and I made a big breakfast of bacon and eggs and biscuits this morning before they headed off.
I wish I could live closer to my brother, or at least that we would get to visit each other more often. We always have the best time hanging out. Having a pretty talented photographer for a brother is great too, because you always end up with a photo or two that makes you feel really good about yourself.

After they left, I discovered the sudden drop in my English grade, and I was so crushed that I didn't know what to do with myself. But I am super fortunate to have a truly supportive boyfriend, who scooped me up and hugged me until I couldn't be upset about it anymore. And the more I thought about that, the more thankful I felt in general. Actually, if Thursday is Thankful, then maybe today is Sappy Sunday, because I've had a serious case of the warm fuzzies all day. I think that I really love my life. And I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging about it, but I feel so happy lately, I feel like it's worth a post to say so. I am madly in love with a wonderful man, I get to spend the holidays with both our families, I have awesome friends, a great little apartment, and I really love being in college. For once, I don't feel like anything is missing. I still have lots of aspirations and hopes for the future, of course, but I really think I like where I'm at right now.
It feels really nice.

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