Monday, January 2, 2012

205. Off to a Good Start

NYE was...strange. Not what we expected AT ALL, but we had a drunken blast. The speakeasy party was so, so bad. Tons of people dressed in 20's outfits, with a burlesque show featuring music from the 40's, a dj playing hits from the 80's, and a 40 minute wait in line to get drinks at the bar. But the venue was pretty, there were hors d'ouerves aplenty, and the bartenders compensated for the lengthy wait by giving out generously strong drinks, which they mixed for you two at a time.

We spent most of the night taking really ridiculous photos of each other, ate a ton, and the wizard and I got our dance on. Back at our friends' hotel were more drinks, followed by our making friends with some foreign exchange students from Dubai after I impulsively stuck my head in their room when I heard them laughing through the crack in the door. 

Yesterday was spent recovering. The wizard and I grabbed breakfast at a crepe place downtown, called Rooster, and then cabbed it back to Mad Art to pick up his car. I recommend the restaurant, it's great. 

While waiting for the taxi, I snapped this photo, which I entered in this weekend's hashtag project on Instagram. (That's my wizard, in case you're wondering.)

It was actually the second photo I entered, but definitely better than my first attempt. This morning I got a message that my photo was one of the team's favorites out of the 800+ submissions they received, and it was featured on the Instagram blog. Which prompted me to run screaming through my teeny apartment, like I'd won the lottery or something. I know it's not a huge thing, but I think it's the most recognition that a single one of my photos has ever received, and I am so excited/flattered I could die. I think it may have made my entire year.

Then later, we stopped by Walgreens, and I found a $20 bill lying on the ground! That never happens!
If 2012 continues this way, who knows what could happen...

Happy New Year to you! I hope it's starting out just as good as mine!!!


Joshua De La Noco said...

Congratulations on the photo. So seriously excellent that you were recognized.

Super Milk-Chan said...

Thanks Josh!

Lexi-Lupa said...