Thursday, January 5, 2012

206. It's Nerd Time

Confession. I have spent my entire evening doodling Star Wars characters, which I am not going to post because I don't feel that I'm ready to plunge into the world of fan art just yet. They weren't very good, anyway. (Note to self. More art classes, please.)
Now I'm going to play the original Oddworld from PS1 and drink Cosmopolitans. Yep.

Post script. I wrote this before reading my pal Josh's vow to blog every day for the next 365 days, just because. I like challenges, and I like Josh, so I'm in. Does that count as a resolution? Let's not call it that then, because resolutions are made to be broken. I'll just try my best, ok?

Post, post script. Have you watched the video for M83's Midnight City yet? I guess it came out a few months ago, I'm just behind. Whatever. Just watch it and wish that you could blow doors off their hinges with your mind.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Ahhh! Excitement! Thank you for the music. Thanks for taking up the challenge. I was going to go to bed, then I read your blog. Now I'm going to stare at the ceiling for a while and imagine throwing UHaul trucks with telekinesis. Never saw the vid. I guess I'm even further behind. It was grand. TELEKINESIS!!!