Wednesday, January 11, 2012

212. BoringBoringBoring

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot worth posting today. Whenever I found a free moment at work, I toyed with a *very* short story I've been picking at for a while. I've never been very good at coming up with plot lines, so I usually don't get very far once I come up with a character or two. I'll still post it as soon I'm done, of course. I actually really like it, even if it is smaller than bite-sized.

It is my secret wish to one day write fiction, but it's not looking very promising thus far. Like everything else I fantasize about doing, I don't devote nearly enough time to honing my skills. I think the problem might be that I want to be good at too many things, causing me to be a dabbler, rather than a master. Maybe it's time to start narrowing my focus just a little. I'm hoping that over the course of the next year, posting on this blog every day will have the side effect of developing greater self-discipline, if nothing else.

Other things... I went to a gym down the street today and got a free trial pass to check it out, but I didn't end up buying a membership. All I did was run on a treadmill, which is something I can do outside, for free. The only reason I haven't been running is because I get home after dark, and my neighborhood is, how do you say...sketchy? Yeah. So I run occasionally, but only on the weekends when it's nice and bright out. I thought that having a gym membership would give me more chances to run, but I decided perhaps my money could be better spent in other ways.

While I was there, I ran a mile all at once, and then I think another mile, but it was broken up into 1/4 mile pieces with walking breaks. I am sadly out of shape.
Next week I start my yoga class on Thursdays. The college version is a ton cheaper than a studio membership, and it should get me back into a routine where I actually crave exercise instead of making excuses to myself about eating cookies and drinking a lot of beer. I look forward to fashioning my limbs into spaghetti noodles again.

That's about it. I'll leave you with a really great song and corresponding music video.
It's been one of my obsessions this week. G'night!

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Joshua De La Noco said...

My god I'm with you. It seems like everyday I wake up and I want to be something new. I want to take dance lessons (Ballroom and Modern) I want to take singing lessons, not because I want to be a singer but because I want to be a karaoke legend. I want to join a chess club. I want to find a Dungeons and Dragons Role-Playing Group. I want to be an author. I want to be a playwright. I want to be a screenwriter. I want to be comic-book writer. I want to be a great little league coach like Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks. I'd like to act again - but only with people I like and with an understudy for all Sunday performances.

But that's probably unrealistic. So I'll probably just get really good at watching cable.