Sunday, January 15, 2012

216. The Swedish Version

We're probably 3/4 of the way into The Girl Who Played With Fire, original version? Swedish. I know the books were really popular, and I actually enjoy the way this movie was filmed. It's very attractive. I really just don't care much for the story, and I feel like I should feel bad about that. Lisbeth Salander herself, is a really interesting character.
I don't know. I didn't read the books, because they're not the genre I usually go for, and I knew that. I do love foreign films, however, and this has been a nice scenic view minus all of the blood.

My Saturday to-do list went almost exactly as stated, except for Niche and the Resistall show. Dinner didn't happen at all, which is fairly disappointing. Maybe some other time...
We did go to the Schlafly Tap Room around 8, and stayed for a couple of hours before hitting The Firebird, but had to leave before we actually saw anything. The Wizard had thrown his back out earlier in the week, and just wasn't up for it. Sometimes things do not work out as planned.
Often, things I plan do not work out as planned.

I did get to see the Star Trek exhibition with my parents, which was better than I expected. Mostly for the costume displays and the recreations of things like Jean Luc Picard's quarters, the bridge of the Enterprise from Next Generation, and the transporter room. Nerdiness abounded. I think my favorite things were Uhura, Spock, and Seven of Nine's costumes.

Today has been mostly lazy. A visit to The Wizard's parents'. Afterward he gave me an introductory lesson on driving a stick shift in the parking lot between a Kmart and Sports Authority. Scary! I did a lot better than expected, but do not expect to drive on a road near other vehicles anytime soon. We visited the art supply store in U-City, and had lunch at a teeny Middle Eastern market nearby, with excellent felafel. That word doesn't look right, but spell check says it is. Hm.
We got home, napped the afternoon away like cats, ate leftover lasagna for dinner, and split a bottle of wine over the movie. I should have gone jogging. I regret that, but I was cold, and had no motivation.

I do not look forward to tomorrow. C'est la vie.
I apologize for being dull today. That's all for now.

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